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  1. I don't believe in the death penalty...

  2. It was probably one of the worst films I’ve seen in a while in terms of quality. I only saw 15 min before i turned it off. The acting, sound, effects etc were so poor. Never saw any press about it and had high hopes!

  3. We can’t diagnose her, but it doesn’t sound healthy. She doesn’t need to have bpd for you to stop being friends. We don’t have to be friends with everyone just because they are nice to us.

  4. You see those nice cameras they are using that are moving around her? They are used to film the concert so that you can watch it later. Everyone doesn’t have to stand there with their frekin phone filming the whole thing.

  5. With my ex, it always lasted until he realized I wasn’t lying. The first time he got really angry with me and I tried to tell him that I was feeling sick and that it was just a minor misunderstanding that we should solve asap. He didn’t wanna talk to me for a week at first and completely ignored me. When I then tested positive for covid I told him, mostly since he had been close to me and would have to isolate. He got really apologetic and became nice again. It was always like this. Him making some shit up in his head and having so much hate for me in his eyes. Then he would just snap out of it after a few days of me begging him to calm down.

  6. Your kid isn't going to get electrocuted like that... but it's definitely not good for the HomePod.

  7. Our dog chewed on an usb cord once and it shorted the whole computer. Harddrive, PSU, everything fried. Dog was completely fine thank god. Dad was also fine but very annoyed.

  8. Mine needed constant closeness and would move me and place me in his lap if he felt like it. He would get cranky if I was too sick to kiss him or if I had to move his arm to adjust my bag. I once hinted at him being needy and I don’t think I have ever seen a person get so angry…

  9. I'm way too self obsessed and I feel like I devote half my energy to playing a character whenever I'm with someone that aren't my best friends. I am in therapy.

  10. Becoming an adult is hard and you need to figure so many things out. What us your therapists take on this?

  11. That I'm just an anxious mess. I am extremely preoccupied with what others think of me at all times, and I regularly have fantasies of being admired or respected, though I don't care about that consciously. I actually lie a lot, be it to mantain the character or to get myself out of trouble. Even on this post lmao. I'm actually 17, but the sub rules don't allow me to post as a minor.

  12. The reason for that is because most teenagers would fit a lot of the symptoms. The brain isn’t developed yet and teens usually struggle with a lot of self image issues and empathy before they turn 20-25. This sub would basically be 80% teens if it was allowed.

  13. Yeah exactly. I wonder what her husband would think if he got catcalled by 3 huge gay dudes on an empty street at night? Not so fun anymore right?

  14. Maybe see if you can change yhe medication or the way you eat it? Maybe you are not absorbing enough some days and too much other days?

  15. I went hyper for a bit but then super hypo. It will act a bit crazy once it’s dying I think.

  16. She is acting controlling and trying to use your manhood to shame you.

  17. The one thing I want is an apology and acknowledgement of how rotten the last couple of months was and it’s likely the one thing I’m never get and crave for my healing. It feels empty this life now

  18. I feel the same. But I think these people never have gotten any apology that helped them move on and they don’t understand how they ever work. Maybe their parents never apologized and acted just as shit as they do. So all they know is hurt and are unable to heal. We can heal!

  19. pwBPD has massive problems apologising for things they can be blamed for or that can lead to shame.

  20. This resonates a lot with me. I remember his only comment to me telling him about all the hurt he cased me was “I don’t know who this person is that you are describing. They seem like an evil person and you obviously don’t know me then”. It was if they made it seem like I was talking about someone else and completely just ignored all the shit he had done to me. It baffles me when I think about it.

  21. My ex barely had any friends and wasn’t so keen on getting along with mine either. I remember me heading out multiple times to parties and dinners with friends, but they just sat at home. He once tagged along but then he said that he felt an “odd vibe” from 2 of my close male friends and asked if they had a crush on me. I said that I didn’t know and that it wasn’t something I wanted to think about. Me and my friends get along great and they can tell me if such a thing is happening (like adults should do). He also wondered if it was maybe because my ex was so bad and that they were questioning him because of it (he felt that they didn’t accept him with open arms). One of my friends knew about some fights we had and he probably wanted to be a bit careful. My ex basically got annoyed whenever someone didn’t instantly love and trust him early on, and he would blame my ex for that.

  22. Who is this? Seems like a pretty serious breakdown and maybe time to go home and rest?

  23. I'll never understand why people feel the need to film things like this, but it's also hard to have sympathy for someone who feels comfortable being openly abusive. The guy in the video made a series talking about what happened and the general abuse he experienced. It's pretty unhinged but it all sounds familiar, other than it happening in public... It's @carlosviteri12 if anyone is interested. He doesn't name her or share anything about her personal traumas or reasons for being the way that she is, though he insinuates they exist. It's all about his experience and what he had to go through. He said that this happens more than you think, and he hopes that the context makes other people feel like they're less alone. For that reason, I suppose there was a silver lining in this experience being shared... Here's the notes.

  24. I am happy that he is exposing this, but I can’t really stand behind exposing her. We don’t know what happened to her or what will happen after this. He could have just shared his story or at least censored her face.

  25. Don’t let the father deal with him! Take him to therapy and get him to resolve these things. I grew up with a dad who has it and I had traits as a teen/young adult. I went to therapy for years and was able to unlearn it. I think a lot of the behaviors are fixable if you take care of it early. As long as he has empathy and the ability to think about his behavior, there is hope. Do not give up on him and do not paint him as being like your ex husband. Maybe the divorce just upset him and he needs closeness and stability.

  26. Thank you! Your comment is very helpful, coming from your perspective. My son does have empathy and remorse for his behavior, which is much more than I can say about his father.

  27. He probably valued the relationship and sex at the same time. I’m a woman and if I’m in love with someone, I wanna be close to them.

  28. Nah he didn't he valued to sex more if he valued the relationship he would have waited a little longer. It's only been 2 months you can be close to someone with out sex man tend to think sex is a biological need instead of a want and desire

  29. It all depends. If i dated someone for 2 months and was super into them, but would not be naked with me, I would feel very confused and hurt.

  30. Have you looked into codependency? That can get pretty toxic at times.

  31. I frekin love math and have always been good at it. I do however need to do it in my own way and some things are harder to remember.

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