1. No Sienna Miller as Patsy Stone? Obviously the best

  2. Spicy foods give me heartburn, acid reflux, and sometimes diarrhea. Can’t enjoy anything spicier than tabasco sauce. I can eat spicier foods, but the pain will make me question whether I should do it again.

  3. This right here… there are scant few things i regret about getting older but ending up in the bathroom for hours if i so much as look at a ghost pepper is some bull shit.

  4. I have nothing against Beyonce, it's the cult of personality around her that I take issue with. The woman could fart in an elevator and her fans would all scream "Yass queen! Work it!"

  5. On Reddit I seriously see more people complain about what Beyoncé stans are gonna do than Beyoncé stans actually doing something .

  6. It's not that I can't appreciate a good show, it's more that I don't think this show has anything particularly interesting to say.

  7. I agree with this… It’s almost old fashioned and trite how Julia Fox gets press… I won’t be surprised is she goes and borrows Bai Ling’s razor dress for a photo op.

  8. Or they continually align homophobia with generational trauma… we’re predisposed to this behavior due to the act of Buck breaking.

  9. I said this not too long ago on here but I high key judge anybody who recommends a single person/family snark sub.

  10. Wow…Brings me back to when Star Jones was shilling for her wedding before it became chic.

  11. Oh god I just realized that’s not about operating heavy machinery.

  12. Friends really only has to thank Living Single for its success.


  14. bell hooks was a landlord if she counts for a celeb. One of the most shocking revelations.


  16. And just in case anyone was wondering, Bob Ross had a perm.



  19. And didn’t Heather Hunter have a talk show with a similar concept ?

  20. Beauty School basically teaches you outdated techniques and proper sanitation and that’s about it… when it comes to updating the skill set, stylists are basically on their own.

  21. We been had cute nicknames… I heard a lot of them on YouTube because creators were getting demonetized for just saying Pandemic.

  22. Any Nigerians or Nigerian Americans like myself have views on Jackie Aina… I’ve watched her for years and have seen the misogynoir thrown at her so I’ve been defensive about what all has gone on recently. She definitely deserves heavy criticism and the candle was the epitome of tone deaf but I still want her to succeed… idk I’m all conflicted.

  23. All those damn snark subs about one person/ family always turn out to be a toxic ass mess even if the subjects are toxic ass messes themselves.

  24. Love Sheryl Lee Ralph! I'm in my early 30s, but I discovered Designing Women when I was in high school and a random channel was showing old reruns when I was home sick one day. She was so funny as Etienne, the Vegas showgirl that Anthony ends up marrying in one of the later seasons.

  25. Loved her on DW… for me and my ilk she always be Dee from Moesha lol.

  26. I’m not into LDR’s music, too maudlin, but the remix just hits for me.

  27. i mean that’s kinda why i like the original in the first place. it’s the vibes for me

  28. People Mag had an interview with Robin Givens, Mike’s ex wife , who recalled him calling her on the phone and saying he was going to make her life so miserable, she would end up slitting her own throat.

  29. I’ve seen people (her fans) starting to vilify the boys and their decision to distance themselves from her, starting to lump them in with every other “bad guy” in her circle. I wouldn’t be surprise if that prompted this.

  30. Yup definitely seen comments about how the kids were disappointed she was going to stop performing because then there would be no money coming in.

  31. Can you provide a link or context as to why you're so mad at him?

  32. Some of the men here are the reasons those classes on consent take place.

  33. Literally. And we can't even say it's just from the chronically online men because it happens irl.

  34. Like fr… how many times does the point need to hop skip and jump over their damn heads ?!

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