1. Source Hydration Bladder WLPS Low Profile - 3 Liter, Amazon about $34 easy to fill & clean

  2. I believe the goats are used to clear the brush

  3. Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Black Handle, 10-Inch Wide Wavy Edge, Bread Knife... Amazon , about $25

  4. I quite enjoy consuming high quality dark chocolate, especially after dinner. Really satiates any desire for a rich dessert.

  5. Check out Thiamax it's 100mg from Objective Nutrients, better than benfotiamine ,higher quality .

  6. If you care about your health , stay away from soy products . please do some research

  7. If you actually did your fucking research, you'd discover that soy doesn't cause any health problems when consumed in moderate portions.

  8. WOW... sounds like the soy has already kick in, snowflake

  9. Some kind of thin flat bread... not focaccia .

  10. The trail name is given to you, by other hikers .

  11. Source Hydration Bladder WLPS Low Profile - 3 Liter... or

  12. Just to start and get out there ... you can throw your weight into strong plastic shopping bag, like from Walmart and hang it from the top of the ruck. you didn't need plates , several water bottles is all you need to start.

  13. Your body is like a car... it needs fuel to run.

  14. Use Pork Leaf Lard for sweet pies... better for pies , no lard taste

  15. Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia 10-Inch Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife...

  16. MSM Supplments... you will need to take 1000mg per 50 lb of your body weight ,if you weight 150 lb take three a day. thats the key to taking MSM . its a suffer that we need but can't get enough from are food... start out slow, work up to the daly needs. you my have the beginning of arthritis .

  17. It worked for me 20 years ago, still take MSM every day, at 70 no sore/crunchy knee.

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