1. We traded a guy who’ll likely be out of the league for a quality rotational guy in Saric and a 2nd round pick.

  2. Good thing James Proche is having such a good offseason.

  3. LeBron’s prime dominance and Curry’s 3 point shooting and quickness would make the greatest NBA player of all time by far.

  4. Outside of the top picks their drafting has been super mid for as long as the late 00’s

  5. It’s why I enjoy Presti not trading the farm for a top level superstar, and just going after who he believes is the BPA, and letting them fall to him(Dieng the exception cause of trade).

  6. Poku doesn’t need to be a point machine. If he can hone in on every other part of his game, he’ll be a great backup center.

  7. tbf, I can see the Kobe point in term of just skills, since Kobe was more skilled (not saying better just pure scoring skills), but MJ is like 100% more athletic. Kobe's biggest problem was he didn't have the motor to generate or transform these type of bad shot into good shot like MJ. I would be fascinated if I see someone saying Kobe was more athletic than MJ

  8. Kobe was even quoted saying to Shaq something along the lines of: “If SHAQ had my discipline, he would’ve been the G.O.A.T”

  9. I don’t consider his withdrawal of Afghanistan an achievement, it was a massive failure.

  10. OP’s a bum Lakers fan trying to push the narrative that Dort is a dirty player.

  11. They were like 2-7 in games to get to .500 before this lol that's why thunder fans are excited

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