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  1. There was no reason to hurt me like this today...

  2. Enmerker forest is the center of the world lol. I didn't regret it either

  3. Blood price may be terrible but berg is worth it. That place is the center of the world and I love it endlessly for that.

  4. The fight was fine. It just needed torrent. Mechanically and thematically. That's literally the only issue imo

  5. I'm quite partial to wolf medic armor

  6. Is the regen pretty noticable? Would it pair well with vampire weapons?

  7. I haven't had the pleasure of vampire weapons yet. I do intend to try them tho. Imo the regen is extremely noticeable. I never want for mana except in back to back fights or long fights. I think it's better to share math.

  8. Mine is simple. I still think I disagree with the discipline requirement for chakrams. That's it. I get philosopher on nearly every character for the regen but I'm never motivated to use chakrams. I moded them once and I loved it. I certainly wasn't OP either

  9. Is there a link to the patch notes. I'd love to further understand some of these changes

  10. You're going at this from a wrong perspective friend.

  11. Just here to express my gratitude that someone else sees this game for its design.

  12. I'm always a rune mage. Some things that might help.

  13. I'll lead with what I think is best. Us a lot. Second best, use them for stability, not purely damage.

  14. If you're going melee, don't put 4 runes. That's like trying to have your cake and eat it too. If you mean to be a melee character using the runic blade(s) you may need to sacrifice other runic spells. Just hotkey shim and egoth and use other spells from menu like heal, shield, light, and even trap (just once obviously).

  15. I have no idea where that came from

  16. You stay far far away from my thrall! That is the only deck I enjoy playing

  17. I had a dm that did that when I rolled a nat 20. He said I applied the split so well I broke their leg worse

  18. If I understand correctly, the canonical storyline is that some erdtree forsaken soul rose from the dead to systematically wreck the face of every demi-God or God on their way to the throne.

  19. If you'll permit me your attention a lengthy post I think I can help.

  20. I was once tasked in high school with writing a 4 page paper guiding someone through a process. I chose to write how to drive a stick shift car. 4.5 pages Into my writing I had gotten as for as entering the vehicle.

  21. Can't get your hands in a .22 long rifle and some .22 ammo? Gotta be better and I assume cheaper than this.

  22. If you’re not a 25 year old Chinese man named Mohammed Wong, you’re not normal.

  23. How is this, the greatest commentary in the history of mankind, not getting more attention?

  24. Someone finally made it! Thank you king or queen

  25. Wait til you find the one floating in the air. It's the stuff of nightmares

  26. I sold all of mine to the blacksmith and used the money to upgrade any weapon I thought I might want to switch to in NG+. I think I had enough to max out like... 8 weapons total. Stones get expensive so I can promise you will use all your runes

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