1. Anyone who gets butthurt about skins no longer being exclusive needs to rethink their lives. Let other people enjoy stuff

  2. You think because I dont have a foreskin I cant go dry?

  3. Definitely Triple berserker fight by a long shot

  4. I personally believe nobody is to blame for Broks death in this game except for none other than Sindri himself.

  5. Thw summoner berserker was worse than the trio by far. Fuck that fight.

  6. Not many agree with me on this take and for this I thank you

  7. I also hate the summoner Valkyrie Kara in GOW 2018.

  8. One of the biggest mechanics i hate if not THE biggest.

  9. They already added the Armor of Zeus last game, they arent going to add it in again

  10. That's what im saying. They arent going to add the same armor ability into ragnarok because they already done that once before.

  11. The fact that a bug looks this smooth tells me they couldve implemented different finishers for different weapons and they chose not to

  12. A superiority complex is a belief that your abilities or accomplishments are somehow dramatically better than other people's

  13. Worst description of a superiority complex i have ever seen

  14. I'm glad people enjoy the game but everytime I see a Second Son appreciation post I'm always disappointed that Second Son became the face of the Infamous series just because of the fact it was on ps4 and more accessible.

  15. Like... you set your age as 5? I'm sorry but this is deserved if thats the case

  16. My math says definitely over 1000 because I most berserkers fists only and hitless on gmgow

  17. I think they just need to remove the projectile speed nerf since they nerfed everything else

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