1. Will you stop posting your religious propaganda nobody cares

  2. I don't like Warzone but these days Apex is dry as hell like I genuinely play the mobile version more than the console and pc version since the only new content that gets added in the game is when a new season starts except for the new skins that they put in the game from time to time

  3. It's not that I don't enjoy the game with my friends it's just that how much can you enjoy the same game modes with your friends

  4. Can you stop reposting this like seriously how much more karma are you trying to farm

  5. I don't think the people in the Horizon universe even know how to create rubber or what rubber is and it's uses

  6. Then hopefully GAIA will inform her. If anyone knows how to produce rubber it's gotta be her.

  7. For that you need the tree from which rubber is extracted and a factory to process that rubber and this will only be possible by Hephatus machine and Apollo database

  8. This doesn't even rhyme and what the joke here

  9. I think its supposed to be funny because its not funny and we have expected something funny. But its not really funny

  10. Why would people would think it's funny when it's not even trying to do that

  11. Unless you have the sheild weaver outfit or purple weapons I suggest killing all the small machine types by stealth and do critical strike on big machines

  12. You mean reposting the same meme 50 times hoping one might be successful

  13. Why are you trying to repost dead memes

  14. Because nobody wants to see the same thing again and again

  15. Oh let's see the reaction of the wife and the friend is like they aren't being paid enough of this and what type of a husband leaves his own house after confronting his wife and his own friend having a affair

  16. You are a moderator and you are whining over a video not being real

  17. Trying to promote your shitty subreddit aren't you

  18. Wait until God of War Ragnarok comes out

  19. Still trying to find the joke here

  20. Oh that was the joke well maybe try harder to be funny next time

  21. Where is the joke you only just admitted that you hit your cat

  22. Yeah I suppose it would do that if you are hitting on its head

  23. This McQueen looks like it regret it's existence

  24. My main problem is with the income. Not the internet.

  25. So you would rather try to justify doing a illegal thing rather than try to do some work to earn money and help your family

  26. There are lot of people in this world who can't even afford 250 GB per month but that doesn't mean that they would actually break the law just to play video games

  27. You know your joke is terrible when you have to explain it

  28. That guy had only one zenkai legend and only A rank equip and still he nearly defeated you how is he dumb

  29. Poor guy I am sorry I didn't know you have Alzheimer's

  30. Walmart Clark Kent get out of here

  31. Did you even watch the episode ant man is alive in that it's only his head not the whole body but he isn't a zombie smh

  32. Hmm, well first thing that stands out is Ms.Marvel being low, makes me wonder if you actually saw it, and Eternals being so high which I personally liked it too but that is still surprising to see. NWH being low is pretty odd, and WHAT IF I truly struggle to see (so high) that hamfisted Vision/Ultron plot.

  33. Specially that whole zombie episode . Like please someone explain me how the hell did Iron man and black panther became zombies

  34. Well then you clearly haven't watched all the anime in the world now did you

  35. So everything you just said was a lie

  36. Well if mom and pop support statism, why should I care what happens to them outside of optics?

  37. Hey Twitter warrior you didn't answer me back there

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