1. Eevees don't. You need to do it after you get this task.

  2. Kartana raids were full of mega Charizards.

  3. It means it was caught in last 24 hours.

  4. It's the same everywhere. For me it is calculated to take an advantage on players lazyness. It is easier to buy one large package than 10 smaller.

  5. Munna is spawning a bunch right now, and it’s a psychic type.

  6. Munma, Lunatone and Solrock are psychic type.

  7. isn't there no stream from London, we have to wait for LA for codes?

  8. According to info from news yes, we need to wait for LA. In my case it will be 4 AM. So middle f1nger to Niantic for it.

  9. When it was introduced you had to have mega energy for every mega evolution you wanted to perform.

  10. and u can only have 1 and not 2 at one time??

  11. Yes, only one at the time, but you can evolve another one when one mega evolution is in progress and it will replace it.

  12. You mean this dark green pass? If yes, you should have GBL research right on the top of Today tab. It shows your wins in GBL.

  13. Psystrike is a legacy moves so you need to use Elite TM to get it.

  14. I have even worse stats and I powered it up. It is good as general raid attacker in case of missing proper counters and I use it in Master League with quite satisfying results.

  15. So u say it’s worth it? my best one atm is probably a CP 2407 Gengar almost perfect and the mewtwo gets slapped by every go rocket ballon rat

  16. Shadow bonus is +20% to attack power but also +20% to damage it takes. So at this level it is just to weak to stand even against grunts. Also it needs to have psychic types attack.

  17. I used machamp, tyranitar and kyogre. I won without any of my pokemon dying while last year I couldn't even defeat him

  18. Yes, this time his line-up is easy to beat.

  19. There is nothing interresting in next steps and this is special research, so you can finish it anytime you want or will be able. Other tips are just calling for ban from Reddit.

  20. Maybe your inventory in Home is full or you have to finish previous transfer.

  21. 2016. You always get pokemon from pool which was in game at the time you received egg, not hatched.

  22. It could be that you are now more experienced than you previously were. It took me over 20 tries plus the help of others.

  23. I had that with Latias or Latios. I tried different counters and Giovanni's line-ups.

  24. Yes, I made a similar post. I ended up winning with all 3 mon left and both shields... only used gyarados to start and switched straight to lucario which destroyed Persian and Steelix plus put two charged moves on Mewtwo before switching to Hydreigon to finish.

  25. Yes, that is the pain in place below back.

  26. Can't wait to walk in 12 degrees Fahrenheit

  27. They forgot that winter is coming in large area of world.

  28. Gulpin is still in one star raids available.

  29. Purify. This is not something worth keeping as shadow.

  30. Same here. Button is not working when your bag is full. I don't get usual information about it.

  31. When exactly you encountered Giovanni? If it was before Monday then he had old line-up.

  32. Try to send a ticket to Niantic via in-game help. If they admit that there was a bug they can give you Super Rocket Radar back.

  33. Machamp with Counter and Cross Chop - fast loading charged attack to burn Giovanni's shields. After that Gyarados with Waterfall and Aqua Tail and Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch.

  34. Better question, I havent seen a single report of shiny pawniard or whatever its name is..

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