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  1. OP should be happy she isn't bugging you for a BMW or Mercedes

  2. And here I thought 3 at a time was a lot (had 2 BH and a GV).

  3. It should have had the timing belt replaced already. Mines been reliable but I am the original owner.

  4. Yeah? Could’ve sworn when I was researching my 2015 they were talking about it departing from the Impreza name. Quick google search seems to say the same.

  5. The new impreza came out in 2012, at that point the GV/GR WRX was separated. The 2015 wrx was the first wrx to be designed separately.

  6. Do you have a v6? The spark plugs are due at 120k and its a pain to replace depending on the model.

  7. This kind of attitude is why the USA will never back down on that classification 🤷‍♂️ because you're all brainwashed into believing that prohibition was for your benefit. Read some things

  8. Not saying I agree with it, they added poison to rubbing alcohol during prohibition knowing that people would drink it, and when prohibition didn't work they went after minorities and jazz clubs.

  9. Hold on guys....if a carbonator opening a beer isn't NSFW, then why? It's legal just like alcohol

  10. Lucky, all the Yodas were missing when I saw these locally.

  11. Don't forget Jackson and the ethnic cleansing

  12. Somebody needs to photoshop the hamburgler in there.

  13. Replacing headlight bulbs are more of a pain

  14. I want to look the best it can and it’s not to big of a spot. I really love this body style and don’t want it to get rusted out if I can help it. And other things I should do to it? Would it be a good idea to spray the wheel well ?

  15. I was quoted 4-6k for my 01 Legacy. If it looks like that on the outside its probably worse inside the fender.

  16. Oh dang how did that turn out for you ?

  17. It was okay from a distance for a couple years and slowed down the rust a bit. It was a dark color so that helped. I started having electric issues around 310k and got rid of it.

  18. Defroster, chime mute and headlight leveling. Not sure what that card slot is for.

  19. I remember seeing a Black Crows / Tom Petty show at Merriweather about 10 years ago and it was raining super hard. The men's bathroom below the hill was filled with water knee-high. About 10 minutes before the show was to start the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared over the stage, I was standing on the hill. Ended up being one the greatest concerts I ever been to. Shout out to Merriweather for also being the venue for my first concert - Wu-Tang / Rage Against t the Machine!

  20. The Wu-tang/Rage concert was the best one I've seen there.

  21. I worked in a restaurant patronized by a majority of older people in cc, you hear some pretty hateful shit honestly

  22. I was called a "Jap Fa***t" when I took my Mazda to a car meet near Westminster in the late '00s.

  23. On the other side, it also would mean the Brandon flags are banned.

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