1. There is one i've seen mentioned, but you're not gonna like it.

  2. Does he have a UEFA Pro License?

  3. I'd say he was, but wasn't as complete a footballer as others.

  4. They really are testing the waters to gauge the backlash huh. Makes my heart hurt

  5. I think that's exactly what's going on

  6. There's a tiktok style vid going around of Mason + his gf, like a M

  7. Rangnick says he could still play their game, he just had a knock which kept him out of training.

  8. Did you see his decline when he joined United…..? Højlund is not anywhere near Lukakus level when he first joined United. A similar decline would set Højlund back YEARS. That isn’t just bad that’s disastrous for a boy his age

  9. Ehh he bagged 27 goals in his debut season, when shit started to hit the fan, Jose getting sacked and Ole taking over who was happy to let him leave, then his numbers dropped.

  10. Him coming back will be huge, hopefully takes some of the April schedule. He's still 2nd for assists at United despite missing 15 games. Joint 4th in the league still lmao

  11. He’s only just doing his first session on the grass. I’d say he’s still minimum 3 or 4 weeks away I dare say.

  12. Yeah deffo, prob late April. Hopefully he's training with the team around the Everton game and be back for Sevilla 2nd leg or the FA semi final

  13. 7 goals and 8 assists for Case in 22/23 lmao

  14. Depends who he had has his assistants, modern footy really changed loads since we won in 2013. SAF wouldn't be coaching high pressing, GKs spraying passes everywhere or inverting fullbacks into midfield etc

  15. 'Talent ID' is such a shit yardstick to judge managers by

  16. Confidence in having the best bid is massively different to confidence in thinking your bid will be successful

  17. Glazers unlikely to accept current bid anyway

  18. If we beat Sevilla in the Europa League it will mean our calendar is full of midweek games until the season ends.

  19. Ibiza to LA. He better hope he doesn't do well or he'll end up in Headingley doing Otley Runs

  20. Only top club that is right how looking for a manager

  21. Unpopular opinion: the Golden Boot in league competitions should be awarded to the player that has scored in the most games and not the player who scored the most goals. A striker that scores 20 goals in 20 games is probably more important to their team than a player that scores 23 goals in 13 different games.

  22. Eh idk, Rashford has scored in the same amount of games as Haaland in all comps (23 each) yet there really shouldn't be any competition for who gets the Golden Boot when you've scored like Haaland

  23. Ten Hag isn’t made for a big club like Madrid, they have better options

  24. Yep. Couldn't hack it in Spain. They should never go for him

  25. How is turning down £5bn sensible for them? The price of the club will plummet and they can't extract more money from us without investing.

  26. SSN replacing experienced reporters with Youtubers will be the end of them. Soccer Saturday is already 10x worse after they fired the old lads and brought in Dawson, Morrison etc. Daily news show with people like Flex and co.

  27. Hopefully they get nowhere near us

  28. Won't be a Gopro in the back of the net anymore it'll be a full production crew

  29. What does “answer police bail” mean? Why has he been able to kick the can down the road so long? Is this to do with a plea? I’m saving my outrage until I understand it better but is the implication here that Partey doesn’t have to plea until the season ends?

  30. Means you have to turn up at the police station once your bail date is reached.

  31. Is this the guy who isn't playing or the guy who is

  32. The apocalypse is nigh, Kaveh has been bang on this for once

  33. He's annoyingly got his ear to the ground for this saga

  34. I think SSN is a shit outlet

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