1. No, but it seemed common with their psu when I looked up my issue.

  2. They have a fleet of psu models. They put out so many that some reviewers actually gave up reviewing evga psu. After cutting ties with superflower they seemed to go manufacturer shopping and put out like 5 different models then just kept pumping out new ones every year. They seemed to have calmed down a bit recently but you definitely gotta check professional teardown reviews on power supplies everytime. I also recommend overspec strictly for noise control, if it hovers around 50% during heavy use you are not likely to ramp up the fan at all.

  3. Is EVGA better than Corsair in PC Peripherals?

  4. The answer to this is almost always no, no matter which 2 brands you compare. They all make terrible products. Almost all of them also make good products. Customer service is something you can compare but in reality most people get help from others online and only need the customer service for warranty. So as long as you avoid companies that have bad warranty service its best to focus more on individual reviews and comparisons. Even seasonic who manufacture their own psu, only sell psu and are generally considered good, still have a few bad models and even outsourced their lowest garbage psu.

  5. That's often what religious people do, mold their religion to fit the new science. The issue then is that Adam and eve make no sense so abtahamic religions would have to admit their creation story is flawed. Doing so pretty much throws question into the entirety of the rest of it which if scrutinized you realize is full of more flaws. If you accept evolution you really have to accept the creation stories as false and recognize the book you follow isn't perfect (many already do). This destroys fundamentalism and eventually will lead to us evolving away from unvalidated information like the Bible towards philosophy and social sciences.

  6. A burden they can bare? Have you seen suicide rates amongst gays? If they can bare it equally well they would have similar suicide rates as everyone else. It's only the burden we put upon them for being gay that causes the suicides. The fear they will give into urges and go to hell. The fear people around them won't accept them as they are.

  7. How do you KNOW it evens out? You simply have FAITH which by definition is belief without evidence. So without evidence you will again cause people to suffer greatly in this life for an afterlife you can't guarantee even exists. At the least you can't prove it to someone else even if you think you have evidence enough for yourself.

  8. Most his jokes are about his kids. Did you even watch anything other than a clip of the machine?

  9. I did .. and I don’t consider them jokes about his kids. He makes fun of his kids and insults them. As a dad it made me cringe. He tries way too hard.. hence the no shirt thing. He knows he has to rely on other tactics to enhance his performance. And if you reread the original body of my text I refer to everything I’ve ever seen him in, not just that one performance.

  10. Well I've seen him on Joe Rogans podcast a few times and he seems like a very nice guy who cares deeply about his kids. He's pretty self conscious about his weight and uses it as self depricating humor. He does try too hard I do see that but that's often due to lack of validation growing up. He just wants to make people laugh.

  11. It depends what games you play and at what resolution. If you have no intent to go up from 1080p and don't play anything demanding the 980 might have some years left in it. The longer you can "suffer" the better the upgrade will become (4060ti later or less cost for 3060ti). I'm still using a 980 and it's working great even for pretty demanding games. But I do want to go up to 4k so I'll be making a huge jump soon myself. Also gotta make sure your cpu will be up to task.

  12. I have a ryzen 5 3600 so it should be just fine with a 3060ti. I would like to play 4k but might wait just a bit longer to see if prices drop a bit more.

  13. I do 4k on a TV. If I had the option for monitor I'd go 1440p 144hz. At 4k it's very unlikely to push anywhere near 144hz and I'd imagine 144hz 4k costs way too much (never looked it up really). The extra hz on the monitor with enough fps to match makes a big difference in smoothness. Even just moving the mouse around is so much better.

  14. I am currently amidst a computer programming course and I had just built my site on canva as a rough draft so I will come back to this when I have the ability to write my own code, thanks :)

  15. Yeah I'm still used to html and Javascript that I taught myself many years ago. Once you get the base language down of any of them it starts to get way easier to recognize how it all works. You also used to be able to just look at the source of a website, copy over what you like and change it. Nowadays it's super complicated with links to all sorts of external files and external algorithms.

  16. I could be wrong but I think this would be easier to write out in a website format (maybe use Javascript it's been years though I'm not familiar with modern website design). Basically just a step by step form with different outcomes based on their selection. Then on the final selection it would show the service from your store with a quantity selection, price, buy button etc. Not sure if someone offers it as part of their processing service but if you just have a bunch of products/services listed for xx prices then use your website to determine which to show them I think that would ultimately give you more control anyways.

  17. So if someone does a back flip, doesn't land it and I say "that's a back flip from gymnastics" am I saying they did a great back flip?

  18. "If you do this you don't have to slow down..." "...it's the best way..."

  19. "This" referring to the tactic which is what you left out. It's not like I said they did it well. They still did the tactic that I was referring to as the best way to turn sharp. It takes a stretch for you to assume I meant they specifically did the tactic exactly as I suggest others do it.

  20. America 2060 - homelessness at 25%, unemployment 40%

  21. You are a month early. Update late July supposed to have upgradeable ships, paths to choose with upgrades and all sorts of crap.

  22. A hgiher-End chip will be faster, this also holds for overclocking. Higher-end chips are oftentimes better bins, and thus have better silicon.

  23. Yeah I'm aware of the binning process and that they would overclock further but that's assuming you have unlimited cooling (or at least significant enough to overclock even the most power hungry cpu). From what I'm seeing the 12900k and 5900x are power hogs due to the large amount of cores. If you are on big air you'd barely get past stock. But with a 12700k or 5800x on the same cooler you'd have much more headroom for pushing the single core performance without losing much for gaming as the extra cores aren't used. Maybe it only makes sense in specific situations but it seems like this would make sense for saving money while getting similar or possibly better gaming performance (based on cooling limitation not on max cpu potential)

  24. I'm not sure what you mean exactly, could you elaborate a bit more?

  25. You are assuming that all core counts are the same and have the same increase in output. They often lower the core clocks on higher end chips to maintain lower power consumption. If you take a 150w tdp chip with 6 cores and 12 threads and overclock that to 250w you will end up with a higher clock than the 250w tdp 12core 24 thread at stock. It might even perform better in some tasks. They aren't always super inefficient just because it has lower core count and it can still still make up for it with higher clocks.

  26. I've always wanted to do this but with a thin case. Have 85%+ of cooler and gpu sticking out. Haven't found the right case for it yet. Yours looks really good though (at least for now lol).

  27. Because although our information is evolving quickly, we are not. We are still ape brain morons incapable of recognizing nuance or stepping outside emotions. We still think free will exists (even atheists won't accept it doesn't). We still blame individuals for systemic issues. It's just a poo flinging disaster.

  28. That deal is out of stock, though.

  29. Yeah I see it now. Stupid reddit app reminders got me excited I was about to buy it but was literally looking at this post when it came up so I got excited for both of us lol. Feel stupid now SMH

  30. I can understand how you feel, but 17 hours would have been an awfully long time for such a deal to remain in stock.

  31. Yeah my notification was for 10 min ago I thought it was a new post notification, it was a popular post notification. I just failed to pay attention and got too excited to help someone else at the same time. I'm still strongly considering the 850w platinum leadex VI for $115 seems like a pretty good deal too (obviously not as good as a 750w A tier for 65 but its not bad)

  32. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Should I be hitting it while the nail is red hot, as soon as the red goes away, or a few seconds after the red goes away?

  33. It's sorta just trial and error. Thickness/quality varies. You optimally don't want it to be red hot. The thicker it is the longer you can wait but usually they cool off too fast so you often have to do it right after red goes away.

  34. Check out the ssd tier list on linus tech tips forums. Many of them use the same controllers and modules. Seems the cs3040 is more in line with the 970 pro. From my experience PNY has been fine but I haven't had to send anything back or deal with customer service. Really that's the major difference between brands is just how they treat you if you have a problem. Often the internals come from similar factories (Look how many companies use seasonic psu for example). Can't really go by brand name anymore.

  35. I see! So if I can get the PNY right now for a price that’s even less than the Evo 970 plus, you think I should go for it?

  36. Yeah seems like one of the better deals. Either that or the MSI Spatium M470 which is pretty similar price (i was looking at 1tb versions, might not be worth it in diff capacity). I've personally dealt with multiple returns from msi with no receipts and no issues. I even bought a dead msi gpu off ebay under warranty they took it back and I got a brand new gpu for half price. They aren't the greatest company but they are decent for warranty service and seem to be the same controller (similar internals) as PNY if you wanted another option.

  37. You answered why. Most people do like getting gift cards. Just not from someone super close to them who should know more about them. The least you could do is get a gift card from a interesting place they probably haven't been. But if it's someone you don't know well but want to get something like your mail delivery person then I think even a pre paid visa is acceptable and usually preferred.

  38. I would prefer a gift card to the places I already shop at, the only person who might be able to actually pick out a gift that I would like would be my wife but I'm not even sure if she would be able to pick out specific items without guidance.

  39. Yeah that's fair too it if it's someone you know well it should either be somewhere they know you really like or somewhere completely new that's not just some commonly found gift card at Walmart. One you have to get directly from a place. Maybe a go kart track. Something random like that and hopefully fun to whoever you get it for. That extra thought really makes a difference.

  40. I'd personally aim for a gtx 1060 6gb or a gtx 980 4gb (very similar performance) Maybe the 970 4gb that's only a little worse. I use a 980 right now and it does pretty good for 1080p gaming. Still does max settings on many games.

  41. They aren't the worst but they aren't great. It looks like the front has minimal airflow. I'd recommend finding one with a mesh front at least. Maybe a be quiet 500dx or one of the mesh phanteks models like p360a or p500a or p400a i think they have a newer one too like p360x or something (mostly just different sizes)

  42. I’d agree with most of what you said, except about diamonds. The 30+ day tech is outdated/only performed by techs who don’t understand crystallization. The process can take that long if techs don’t know what they’re doing and relying on THCA to do it’s own thing. Whole process can take 7-10 days or less, experienced techs 3-5. It’s just about controlling the saturation levels, and manipulating the supersaturated solution to do what you want.

  43. Good to know I kinda figured that as I was able to do the same with making shatter. People were taking 24 hours give or take and I was able to cut it down to 4 including the blast process by adjusting temps, increasing vacuum suction and making sure it was removed within the right timing to not get cooked or lose terps (the faster you process the smaller the window of perfection). This was many years ago before legalization. I've only had a buddy make diamonds for me once and explained his 30 day process. It was some of the best I've ever had but I never really looked further into the process or new techniques.

  44. Word! Lots of advances in the last couple years with regard to resin, and by advances I mean we are just getting better at adapting organic chemistry for our needs, and understanding more about the real chemistry going on. But similar to speed up the shatter process through understanding, the same thing can be adapted to controlling a saturated/supersaturated solution

  45. Yeah it's pretty crazy how things get lost and evolve weird outside of legalization. Trial and error. Methods get lost, some passed on. Some guy who barely rubs 2 brain cells together makes some fire dabs but certainly knows next to zero about chemistry. We have come a long way lol

  46. You lose you because of time. If you remember all your time in heaven then 5000 years compared to your hundred on earth is significant. It's yin and yang. You absolutely need some bad to enjoy good. Proof here on earth is spoiled kids who never experience what we consider bad. They still have bad days as shown by their attitude and it's because their worst days are better than many peoples best days. It's relative. You simply won't enjoy it for eternity. It will eventually be no different from earth. You will become spoiled angel brats.

  47. They make little blowers for around $30 on Amazon that blast out the dust. Saves a ton of time, well worth the cost.

  48. Where is the breakdown of where these deaths are counted from? I have a suspicion it's not actually anti theist deaths. Considering they rarely gain power and nearly all wars are fought for God or money it's hard to put nearly any deaths on anti theists.

  49. Technically yes, and undervolting would help a lot. I didnt watch the video entirely but i dont think this happens with every card, he said all the way back to 10 series, well ive had about 4 cards from 10 series up to today and ive never had a power cut like this... I think it might be somewhat of a rare anomaly.

  50. I guess it's not that rare and isn't just the psu itself having trouble with it. I guess it's the mobo sometimes or even the gpu itself in rare cases that can't handle its own self spiking so bad. I think the spike issues on previous Gen weren't really a problem because most gpu weren't pulling huge wattage. A high majority of even 10 series and older weren't pulling over 300 watts so they weren't spiking to crazy heights. Now that they have such high average draw it's spikes that are so significant the systems aren't prepared for it. I also think it wasn't as big of spikes in previous Gen.

  51. Possibly, idk, ive got 2 2000 series cards and a 3070... and ive never had this happen. 750 watt power supply on all systems. So if even 2000 series cards are spiking to lets say 450 watts (instead of the 600 that 3000 series has) this should be enough to trip a 750 watt psu.

  52. Not really since most people pushing the gpu (no fps cap, no vsync, high use) wouldn't be pushing the cpu to max and overall system draw even with 450w spike would probably peak at 750 at most which it should handle. Might also have a good mobo and psu combo that's good at handling those kind of spikes. Since a very high majority of people have 750w psu or less and now spikes are reaching 500w+ I think it's just finally bypassing the barrier of people's common overspec limits. Now our normal overspec for sound/longevity/efficiency isn't enough.

  53. Whatever that was egg 32 they cleaned off the counter before one fell in right lol

  54. They are often mentally ill or drug addicts. They have no address and often no car. The barriers they face to get employed or even just to get simple identification can make it near impossible for some. They often don't know of any steps they could take. They are generally suffering.

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