1. Sounds like a Counter Trap Fairy deck to me. The Solemn line of traps are all about old testament punishments that God inflicted, so you'll want those for a start.

  2. I do also want cards that refer To the jesus crusifiction story

  3. Considering how Konami behaves, any such cards would never be printed in the TCG. Not without HEAVY censorship at the very least. Also Japan isn't a Christian nation by any means, so Abrahamic beliefs are not a very strong part of the public consciousness.

  4. Doomkaiser dragon. It has a sick design, an interesting effect that can combo well with zombie world (when its special summoned, it lets me special summon 1 zombie monster from my opponents grave) and its a zombie type aka my favorite monster type. Its a lvl 6 synchro that needs plaguespreader zombie and any non-tuners. It has 2400 attack and 1500 defence points. Its fire attribute. I call its attack "doom inferno".

  5. there are only handful structure deck with link monsters. soulburner, link strike, powercode link, and rokket revolt. soulburner and rokket do their own thing, and the one that has some synergy with code breaker only link strike and powercode link, just because all 3 are based on playmaker's deck.

  6. Ok and can i buy them from retailers? (As In can i buy them from places like gamestop)

  7. maybe? those 2 are old and not something that is sought after today due to how bad they are. Probably some store still have some on their shelves?

  8. Well all they mentioned was that there are structure decks that i choud use To upgrade My deck.

  9. Uhhhhh he's not gonna fit into codebreaker well at all, you'd want to look into Structure Deck Zombie Horde.

  10. I know i just wanted To say that random fact. Also i will make a deck around him and his gimiccy effect

  11. can get lead ore from mining, fishing crates, extractionator, slime drops (you can visually see items inside the slimes body when it is carry a drop other then just gel)

  12. Im grateful but i dont think your strategy works with alric.

  13. hoard gold, you need to have at least 2K on the start of wave 15, you can buy the gold bag item, too, it should help

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