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  1. I’m actually with you. Most EHX pedals are ok to play at home but when you play at gig volumes… I always hear noises from those pedals.

  2. Free Healthcare included? Please conquer us

  3. My man is on a whole 'nother level of stupid

  4. I guess I was a bit rude, but you were saying some very stupid things. Just because a country is not successful at said sport does not it is not their most popular sport. Likewise, just because football is more popular in America does not mean we are not the greatest nation at basketball.

  5. The USA is literally the world champion in Soccer.

  6. The poorer you are the worse luck you’ll have. It’s never a coincidence.

  7. Saying it’s bad luck is giving a pass to the actual human beings who literally conspire daily to create a class of people that are “lower/weaker” than they are.

  8. The corruption of the legal system is so obvious, that international institutions should intervene at this point.

  9. Apple can’t have it both ways. All their newest features are just minor improvements from last year, and some could even argue that dynamic island is more intrusive and undesirable than the notch.

  10. Best board I’ve seen in here in months. You get it.

  11. Not sure though. I know a lot of people using Reddit, like double-digit percentages among 20-somethings. That is a lot, and take into consideration that there are several porn sites, while in many countries they are accessed via VPN's because of government restrictions.

  12. 3 parts orange juice. 1 part lemon juice. 1 ice cube. You are welcome.

  13. Based on this post, I ordered a cheesesteak from our local Primos. Media. Normally really good. This was Gross. Slightly stale roll, steak was clumpy & dry, and I pulled a 4 inch HAIR from it. I mean, really.

  14. I am really sorry you got that experience. I can only speak for the Primo shop on 21st & Chestnut…

  15. I'll have to take a look. Joe's in Fishtown is up there for me, this looks really good though... and now I know what I'm having for dinner.

  16. I've always been extremely skeptical of this pedal, so this is good to know.

  17. France under High??? Not for English…

  18. I figured because detached houses, especially in the us usually have a master bedroom and at least 2 more bedrooms, sometimes 3 or even 4. This means that with half the population living in these houses that means half the population isnt really limited in space for kids. This means that the people that want to have over 2.1 kids pretty much can or if theyre in a city can move to the suburbs to have a family. In the city space is very tight and its extremely expensive to have multiple bedrooms, so this would lead to less kids. In the us theres a pretty common phenomenon where people move out, go to college in the city, live there through their dating years, eventually get married and then once its time to settle down and have kids move out to the suburbs. Since the houses there are much bigger and the replacement rate is 2.1 kids per woman its pretty easy for lots of people in the suburbs to have 2 kids +/-1. Compared to other countries that do not have the never ending suburbs that we do I figure its leading to better demographics for the us.

  19. I mean… I see your point but your argument could be read as: “we buy a big house - let’s have kids to fill the void (physical + alienation of the suburbs).

  20. So much pressure on your wrist had to be released somehow…

  21. Pizza without Tomato sauce it’s not pizza.

  22. I now understand why someone wouldn't like it.

  23. Might be the same for me but got it really cheap. It already arrived so I'll pick it up tomorrow and see :)

  24. Nothing about this video is next fucking level.

  25. This is exactly the point when international institutions should intervene or at least ask for clarity. The obvious corruption going on in this case can have severe geopolitical implications.

  26. We taking bets on how long before the first pothole?

  27. I say 3 weeks for the first big one.


  29. Thanks for sharing. The article is both informative and depressing

  30. Isn’t the Behringer the same pedal as the Boss Tremolo?

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