Mr President?

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  1. You’re not a journalist if you’re interpreting what he meant to say. That’s conjecture and completely biased. Might as well call it state-run media

  2. How does an attention-whore get noticed? Walmart - not because it’s Walmart, but because people there have never seen someone intentionally filming inside when someone wasn’t fist fighting someone for the last Vizio TV

  3. Daily Beast, Salon, and Mother Jones are the most useless publications promoting toxic feminism. Even the majority of Reddit is United against far left feminists. They’re terrible

  4. I’ve been Redpilled since probably 2010. I’ve considered sharing my story but it’s long .

  5. They always want what they can’t have the most… like an attractive face or a normal haircut

  6. 30 months is just long enough to miss the next election… unless released for good behavior earlier!

  7. Looks like ex-cons, neckbeards, basement dwellers, hair dressers, and… really just a bunch of kids. In other words, just a bunch of punks

  8. Made by folks from San Antonio who know what salsa should taste like

  9. Political suicide. It’s all talk now.

  10. The mayor is gonna STFU when questions start coming from Congress about why they rejected Capitol Police and National Guard for Jan 6th. Then we’ll find out whose problem was whose.

  11. How about summoning a common sense spell where marxists stop believing in a socialist utopia?

  12. New York is a deep blue state where they know they won’t be sent to places they don’t want attention

  13. Taken moments before he’s asked to leave

  14. Spot on - the real racists present themselves

  15. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  16. Obama has like 5 mansions. One of them is in Martha’s Vineyard - ironic as it’s a hardcore WASP stronghold. Plenty of room to spare

  17. Have they still not fixed Flints water problems? I haven't heard anything about that in feels like 10 years.

  18. You haven’t heard politicians don’t fix problems?

  19. Almost had it! Gotta be quicker than that.

  20. I’m waiting to hear they inherited this economy next 😂

  21. I would have guessed mothballs and porridge

  22. I’m pretty sure this is Paulie’s first night in comedy

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