1. That pussy looks so comfy

  2. I heard it’s tough out on them Pyongyang streets

  3. Straight down the pipe.. textbook

  4. This is the perfect titty shape ladies and gentlemen

  5. A CGI face is the last of your worries pal

  6. This actually made me laugh, good job

  7. Guy at the end is a trick ass mark. FYM

  8. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

  9. I heard Joelinton might never walk again

  10. Carvalho faking cramps during his celebrations was elite shithousery

  11. Bobby looks like he’s gonna be cleared for the United game so Diaz will stay wide left

  12. GeoGuessr fans rejoice

  13. Thing is the Arsenal attacker triple up looks too good to miss for GW3 & 4 (Bournemouth away and Fulham home) and I’d need more transfers if I wanted to go Bailey -> Martinelli instead. We’ll see how it plays out though.

  14. I’ve got Martinelli and Jesus already, the triple up on Arsenal attack might be too risky imo

  15. Even if he does - why risk him over James

  16. I was (stupidly) thinking about the James & Chilwell double up

  17. Well, Chelsea are trying to hijack City and sign Cucurella, so Chilwell's minutes are a big question mark right now

  18. Cheers for the heads up, I had no idea about the Cucurella/Chelsea link - who’s reporting it?

  19. Not overlooked, people just don’t think he’s good enough

  20. I’m just tryna eat pussy like this

  21. Tldr: read the label I guess

  22. Is OP Obama on his burner account?

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