1. I get how much disrupted itinerary sucks, but it sounds like DL booked you full fare UA tickets. A longer travel day isn't great but they fulfilled the contract of carriage - the got you to the destination. And probably lost money on it.

  2. It is a good idea to double check anytime you’re making an transfer you might regret. Every site has phantoms here and there. I have seen them on Avianca, but not often. If it’s *A and only showing there, then it’s probably too good to be true.

  3. True. How do I validate? The airline is Eva Airways. Just call them and ask if the award tickets are available on Avianca?

  4. Are there any play groups for English-speaking folks?

  5. Just checked 3 dealers in my area, 1 is charging MSRP and two are about $3,000 above. If I was ready to pull the trigger the one dealer charging MSRP has an exact vehicle that I want.

  6. This is exactly why I am considering a Pilot.

  7. Looking for a sienna, and the dealers that have them are charging 6k over. Demand is still high, with limited supply.

  8. I think Saddleback is better if you are high risk. They are better equipped to handle difficult situations just in case.

  9. I got similar offer but need to depart from SEA or LAX and arrive in Hawaii. Super weird offer

  10. Milesperhr seems to be based in Orange County. Close enough I suppose.

  11. My 2022 Sienna XSE AWD with tech gained $30000 CDN the minute I drove it off the lot. It was unreal. Never saw anything like it. 24000 KM later it's still $25000 appreciated value

  12. Same thing happened to my Tesla last year when they had trouble keeping up with demand. Then the prices tanked hard as soon as supply chain normalized.

  13. Long story short: Call EVA (or else you are gambling like I did) and ask if they having I or Z ticket for [specific date]. I/Z tickets are usually for ticket redemption and upgrade redemption. One you did that it is time to choose your partner. There can be difference in seat avaliablilty across different partners so you might be able to transfer with one partner and not with the other. Lastly set up an account for your desired transfer partner, then transfer and redeem.

  14. Do you call reservation or Infinity Mile department to ask for availability if I/Z tickets?

  15. I applaud Honda at sticking with the V6's for its SUV's. The fact that Honda was still able to refine the trusty J series V6 for an incremental increase in power while also lower emission to meet government regulations shows that there are still some "honda magic" engineering going on behind the scenes.

  16. Considering Honda too. What do you mean by “regain?”

  17. Also, they bought the Wirecutter and The Athletic. The acquisitions help increase the mix of subscription revenues.

  18. I think I will just wait for the Grand Highlander.

  19. Orange County, California was founded from a breakaway part of this group.

  20. It’s hard to say without knowing the route or price, but if you think it’s a good price, then yes?

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