1. Oh hell nah they really made a proton cannon after people made their own 😭 They cutting out the fans from making a profit

  2. Fish and chrome splash/car. Hide or drive in the edge of the ring.

  3. The sad thing is winning on the 5th storm doesn't count.

  4. He broke off from the Reich when he murdered those generals, are you referring to the Hydra flag or the other one that’s illegal in many countries?

  5. I think he means the funny flag that was missing in CoD WWII

  6. This flag so crazy, we found other ways to name it rather than just say what it is

  7. A Platform fighter. I felt like Pokemon has a lot of potential fighters for smash but would overwhelm the roaster. Since they drop Pokken from Worlds Champions, they really need a new fighting game. If not Smash, a 2D fighting game could also work. We seen how well it can look with Type Wild.

  8. "Rich kid stuff". Honestly. Supreme's just trying milking money from us and the sweater is probably made in India in a barn or smth. Won't pay 200$ (didn't check the price) or whatever

  9. Its funny cause this is a collab with Yohji who’s a high end designer with items typically being in $1000 price range. Due to it being Supreme’s items its actually much cheaper then his usual stuff

  10. Of course you would smol ame 🔍

  11. I've literally only seen reddit complain but go off ig

  12. Reddit is filled with Marvel fans so if they are complaining about another 100 tier marvel skin then its a problem.

  13. I hope they don’t have a exclusivity deal with CoD Warzone

  14. Old rule 29 of the internet:

  15. Im keeping her, just gonna give her the rest of Gwen’s stuff.

  16. Didn’t even realize i could made Kitty. Thou i looked up and saw that the dragon backbling is a past BP item 😢

  17. Its that white savior who saved all those green people and indians 🤯🤯🤯

  18. Bruh this team is just comprised of Black Widow characters and Captain Americas clones… and Ghost

  19. I thought about it, but figured it wouldn’t pan out. So I never bought the wrap

  20. Thanks to the new refund system, its now risk free. I do hope it gets fix and (hopefully) given more customization options

  21. I actually have my Vogue Visionary as a "Lady Sith"

  22. yes and I hope Epic makes more modes for the game. There is definitely a need for a tdm mode and right now these custom made games are trash really, no score or time or anything really, it would be cool if Epic expanded that and added new modes to the game.

  23. They are working on a 40 v 40 LTM which is basically Zero Build Team Rumble

  24. I cant wait for that 40 v 40 gamemode. I enjoy playing Team Rumble and Zero Build so finally getting them together with even more players sounds like chaotic fun.

  25. Im guessing its a console thing 🤷‍♂️

  26. Nah, Maybe Xbox because I play on ps and you can look at styles

  27. I don't now if they updated it since but I am at 155M power level.

  28. Yeah they removed a two and added some newer once to replace them.

  29. That was just a placeholder for the chun li back bling though. Family Guy is still entirely possible but those textures were used for something else.

  30. I know that would be the case but they would still need to make a agreement to use the Family Guy IP, and I don’t think they would have made a deal just to use a clip as a test.

  31. I would argue the Family Guy one is a bit of a stretch. A better easter egg would be a hockey net on a road or something like that. I do think we might eventually get a Peter outfit, but I don't this is teasing that.

  32. Family Guy though has some believability when they found a animated texture for it in the files

  33. His design is legit the only pokemon design i dislike. Yes the only one.

  34. I rarely touch KF2 (sad since I actually wanted KF2 so bad back in the days and even went to see their first preview of the game in NYCC)

  35. Ngl i rather take KF2’s sirens over KF1’s siren bomb that spawns around the corner.

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