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  1. To be fair, especially during the time when Velma was created, gay people have historically fashioned their presentation in a specific way to signal to other gay people that they were gay (for community and for dating prospects) without openly coming out and getting the ire of the homophobic people around them.

  2. It says so, so much about these people that simply seeing a non-straight couple on screen for a couple seconds is having things SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS. It's no wonder that if a Starbucks cup doesn't look right to them they consider it an all out and complete attack on their core religious ideals. For people who know such little actual oppression, they sure anger easily.

  3. I've always had a real distaste for the term "shoved down our throats" since I saw that force-feeding scene in Suffragette. Like, if you knew how serious and traumatic the source of that expression was you wouldn't be using it when you... see a black person? In a piece of media you can just choose not to consume?

  4. He might actually be the stupidest right wing grifter out there. To the point where he believes that he wins debates because he’s to dumb to understand his opponent’s argument.

  5. He will literally ask a question and then repeat it until he gets the answer he wants, like a kid asking "why can't I have a cookie" until their parents get tired and say they can.

  6. Well, if the Riddler threatened Spiderman's life directly, sure. Theoretically, you could even argue that Spiderman could speed through whatever area using his spider-sense to detect the danger.

  7. It's the ol "How do you kill someone who can see 5 seconds into the future" problem. The answer is to put them in a deadly situation they can't escape within 6 seconds.

  8. Gamora seems like the 1 character that could have stopped him, or at least delayed him significantly by withholding the location of the soul stone.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the time loop thing only work because Dormamu is immune to time? So Strange was experiencing each loop like it was the first time with no memory of the previous iterations while Dormamu was tortured? Thanos isn't immune to time, therefore Thanos would be immune to the time loop... I think.

  10. The new testament was pretty progressive for the time. The whole "rapist must marry their rape victim" is barbaric now but back then it was a way of protecting the woman since she wouldn't be considered a marriage candidate unless she were a virgin, and women had no economic freedom so marriage was the only way they could survive.

  11. Well yes. Humans enjoy how they look and they don't all enjoy the fantasy of looking like a lizard, it's a big change and we don't like big changes.

  12. Whether you agree with his idea, he executed it in an unethical way - he had no regard for consent. He wanted to turn people into lizards against their will, which is a violation of healthcare ethics and also regular ethics. If he'd done it in a way people could volunteer for it, we might have more lizard hybrids walking around right now, but noooo, he wanted to do things the quick and dirty way.

  13. but you need the government for universal healthcare which if you think about it is just as bad as using the government for bad stuff /s

  14. "I'm not a sexist, I just get off to women dying"

  15. To be fair, he doesn't seem to want to get off to women dying.

  16. Okay but those games are literally political commentary critiquing the Japanese legal system. AJ was written specifically as an argument for the jury system, at a time when Japane was considering adopting that system.

  17. Title and caption are bait, she suffers from POTS, basically, among other things, very bad orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure fails to rise when standing upright so the patient gets dizzy and often faints).

  18. Reddit avoid making assumptions based on an obvious clickbait article headline challenge (impossible)

  19. Everyone I know who uses neo pronouns also uses standard pronouns, which makes it better and also worse. Like I know someone who uses she/fae, and sometimes I'll make the effort to use fae because fae appreciates that, but sometimes I use she and that's fine too. It is, ultimately, effort.

  20. i always say what state i’m from, unless i’m in my state, in which case i’ll say what city i’m from

  21. I always say what state I'm from and people go "oh [biggest city in that state]?" and I'm like "no if I thought you'd recognize the name of my town I would have said that"

  22. What's weird is that cuckoldry doesn't even have an inherent race component. I really think white supremacist cuckolds added in that element, and it got popular in the industry the way step-incest got popular (it's not objectionable enough to turn people who aren't into that away)

  23. I’m not from the US, so i don’t know exactly what went on over there, but are you seriously comparing that to mass genocide by method of gassing people to death in gas chambers en masse, or through atrocious human medical experiments such as ramming metal catheters into children’s heart while they are fully conscious and not anesthetized?

  24. I'm not comparing capitalism to Nazism, I'm comparing it to communism. I don't think you can compare the genocide of fascists to economic ideologies, capitalism or communism.

  25. First of all, without the infrastructure and technology capitalism has produced, many more than just 1Mio. people would’ve died of any type of pandemic.

  26. Vore is a fetish for being swallowed whole, as in like a cat does to a cartoon mouse. Vore has a range of cartooniness from soft vore, like Tom and Jerry, to hard vore, like actually being torn apart. I've personally met furries into both ends of the spectrum. Given it's off the wall nature, vore is often brought up for a giggle, not in a spiteful way, more of a playful thing. Much the same way people bring up foot fetishest for a giggle. I've got my own weird things, everyone does, as long as it's consenting adults more power to them.

  27. I do think vore is objectively the funniest fetish out there. Like not in a kinkshaming way, just in a "conceptually this is ridiculous" way. I'd say that kink that one dude had where he got off to balloons inflating and then popping is funnier, but the sheer popularity of vore adds to the absurdity which makes it funnier.

  28. So if you imagine a monologue with a static shot to exemplify the character's emotions, that's cool to leave as a single paragraph?

  29. Yes. Lots of books make use of a long paragraph to make the reader feel the length at which they're speaking. I think of the climax of Johnny Got His Gun, where the protagonist is speaking for several pages, and there are paragraph breaks about once a page, because the dude has absolutely gone insane with need to express thoughts he's been trapped with.

  30. nah it's 90. 180 would be turning all the way around in a 360 so you're facing forward again.

  31. There is a difference between Pratt and Rogers, though. Rogers would try to make a statement on the issue that might clear up his allegiances and his culpability. Not everybody would be happy with what he said, but honestly a big part of people's dissatisfaction with Pratt is his silence on the controversy and what that might imply.

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