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  1. We need more pictures of this beautiful fluffy creature

  2. It’s almost like having people drive 9000lbs vehicles that can accelerate as fast as a sports car isn’t helping the roads become safer..

  3. Cause Reddit ing is hard... I think it is a slide drain catch of sort. It has a hole on bottom that goes into the floor. So it is lined up right with hole but then why is it being crushed by slide?

  4. It’s possible that during construction somebody dropped the ball, and this is supposed to be mounted an inch or two to the left under the track more and out of the way of whatever is hitting it.

  5. What’s the part number for those springs? Asking for a friend...

  6. The panther platform (up to 2011) could be optioned in the town car and grand marquis to feature the valet key, having a key that only functions for the ignition.

  7. Ouch. Make sure you take it to get evaluated at a shop for rear end damages. I had been rear ended last year and it didn’t do any cosmetic damages, but did do up to a grand in unseen damages

  8. And if it does run, chances are its unfixable, but ill buy it for cheap for scrap metal

  9. That is wildly inaccurate. You cannot determine that from over the internet

  10. Yikes that looks bad! How did you pull this off? It looks like the wheel well liner is not correctly installed and maybe some road debris got up in there and ripped the wires down and out. That’s a lot of damage to try and spice back together.

  11. Ran over a curb a while back that might've came back to bite me. So I'm not a mechanic. I got it in the shop right now. Is paying to get it repaired going to be worth it or would I be better off buying whole other car?

  12. It really depends on what the car is worth to you. Personally I would do the work, but I am a mechanic. Taking it to a shop.. Wooweee it’s going to be expensive. That’s a pretty significant amount of wiring damage and a shop probably won’t want to try and piece it back together, but replace it with a new harness, probably one from a dealer. Big bucks. You may be able to bring them the harness yourself to save a few but your mileage may vary.

  13. I have gotten in contact with a local attorney and appointment will be tmw.

  14. Here are some resources that might help. They shouldn't be able to foreclose if you have the new payment plan agreement in writing. You need to speak with a lawyer. In the meantime:

  15. Thank you very much for all of these resources and taking the time to write this whole reply up. I have contacted a local lawyer and we are going to seek some assistance through one of the sites you provided. This is extremely helpful.

  16. This is a huge wealth of information. Thank you very much.

  17. It is pretty likely this is just a mistake on the part of the company servicing the mortgage. Try to get them on the phone and, if that's not helpful, send them a letter.

  18. That’s what I’m hoping. It’s dated a 7 days ago however, and our down payment and contract was all done over a month ago.

  19. It should work just fine, they changed the exhaust system, as well as a few other things, in 2003. Exhaust catalytic converter pipes are the same between the p71s and the civilian models, color is irrelevant, this set is either brand new or had little mileage on it.

  20. I guess having subs with no excursion is a solution to that problem.

  21. Yeah I guess if they were something high quality with some excursion there could be problems, but this is a 100 dollar setup I bought off some kid, I’ve never had issues with it.

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