1. That’s about what I owe Blockbuster for the copy of WCW vs. NWO that I never returned.

  2. Played the long game on a rented copy of Jak and Daxter that I never brought back. Late fees went away when the video rental store closed.

  3. Late fees never ended. I’m reporting you to the blockbuster police, maggot!

  4. Jokes on you. The store I got it from was a Randy’s video later renamed Randy’s XXX and wine. It started as a video store with a small video game and small porn section and then slowly the porn section swallowed the store

  5. After the first one you just give the rest to friends as gifts

  6. We dated the rest of high school then she got into a good college and I didn’t so she broke up with me.

  7. Not really. Pull that kid aside and teach him what he’s doing is wrong. Letting the kid throw a fit and not actually doing anything isn’t A+ anything

  8. She must have been trying to price you out because her videos are $10-$20

  9. Wasn’t this her OF stream or did she do this on both?

  10. Shannon doesn’t like to see Elon’s tweets but pays him money to have a blue check on a free app.

  11. Nobody says PoPo for police. Write ACAB on your cars cowards

  12. I'm surprised everyone cares about this wig. Yes, it's inaccurate, but I'd rather him just look normal.

  13. If they aren’t going to do it right then don’t have the headgear at all. Give him his wrestlemania 19 jacket and medal instead

  14. They haven’t been in office 3 years.

  15. Mike Ryan: Tyler Herro is a better trade offer for KD than Mikal Bridges.

  16. Got to love Twitter. Top reply is someone paying Elon $8 a month to use a free app saying “it doesn’t matter because the NBA is owned by China”.

  17. Nets got rid off all their stars and still beat the Heat last night. Smoked by Bridges

  18. Kyle figured out how to get maximum corn. Kyle is the hero of the dinos

  19. Kyle figured out how to get maximum corn.

  20. Yeah if we aren’t going to fix these things just let the aliens have us anyway/s

  21. That’s what I would tell my sister too if she found my glizzylight

  22. I’d be a bad son to use my blinker now. I’m not a cock block

  23. Fair play to the little guy, he somehow kept his boner 👍

  24. Based on some porn out there he might have gotten harder getting kicked like that

  25. You know how Ted Cruz got into Cancun? Doors. Think about it…

  26. People who home invade shouldn’t be let out to begin with but if they home invade and kill the people in the home they should be locked away forever AND have their cell invaded at random for the rest of their wasted fucking life. Broken humans.

  27. How dare you associate Satan with them. Satanists do way to much to actually help people to deserve that.

  28. That was meant for a different post

  29. He doesn’t even know that’s Willro

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