AITA for not inviting my little brother to my wedding and not telling him until the day before?

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  1. Unless you specifically mention a concern about STIs or a problem with your anus, rectum or prostate, an exam of those areas at age 19 is not likely to be part of a routine visit. If you have bowel or urinary problems, anorectal exam might be done.

  2. A sports psychologist may be helpful for you. This is exactly the type of problem they handle.

  3. Psychologists are everywhere. People who advance in any sport, including figure skating, aren't average. Someone in OP's network of figure skating (coaches for figure skating and hockey, staff at proshops or rink managers, OP's doctor, the local coaches for other sports, etc) is likely to know someone who can help with performance anxiety. If not specifically for sports, then for general management of anxiety.

  4. Thank you, I appreciate that information. The CDCs policy does not seem adequate, it does read as though further testing is not necessary and as long as symptoms are improving you are good to go after 5 days. I have been continuing to isolate but am concerned about work pressure. This clarification helps support my decision to continue to isolate and feel a bit better about symptoms carrying on (though it still feels like forever lol).

  5. If you can get a mask to fit well enough that you can't smell cooking odors or perfumes, then your mask will prevent transmission of infection in both directions. Any mask that doesn't fit well enough to block scents is going to leak, but will still slow down the velocity of respiratory particles and reduce the quantity of virus that you can potentially spread.

  6. All of you guys are weird. I would love to know the backgrounds of everyone involved. There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine. I would be the mom to bring the bottle. I didn’t see anywhere in your comments that she gets DRUNK?

  7. No one said there was a problem with having a glass of wine with dinner. However, one glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail when out for a meal is very different than consuming an entire bottle of wine by yourself within a 3 hour time period. Drinking when picking up children from after school or when taking kids to the the park for a playdate isn't the same as drinking with a meal. OP's description in this post of that woman's alcohol use is binge drinking alcohol abuse. That's based on CDC definition of alcohol abuse, by the way.

  8. With respect to impaired drivers, many who drive under the influence don't appear to be drunk. People who have BAC above the legal limit of 0.08 are still impaired and put others at risk. The legal limits are based on tested reaction times. Whether someone who's been drinking feels or looks impaired is not enough for safe driving. Obviously a person who looks and acts drunk or intoxicated should not be driving, but it's also important to acknowledge that the physics of driving a motor vehicle at speed are not in favor of safe driving if BAC is over 0.08.

  9. You need a psychiatrist and/or sleep medicine specialist. Given the number of medications that you listed, you meet my personal criteria for someone who should see psychiatrist + sleep medicine specialist (more than 3 different kinds of medication and didn't tolerate or didn't respond to them). If you see a specialist, bring a list of every medication that you've tried, not just the class of drug. Include the dosage, the length of time that you tried it, what the effects and side effects were, and what other medications you took at the same time.

  10. I have never seen a patient develop tolerance to gabapentin. Provided kidney function is okay, most people will be drowsy and sleep with a dose that works for them, which varies for my patients from 100 mg to 1200 mg.

  11. I assume that you are asking about the large, hotizontal stripe and not the round, red puncture mark.

  12. I’m not buying she wasn’t enjoying being actively cruel.

  13. I think she was both. Cruel to her brother and cowardly about the family's response to her decision.

  14. Omg how dare I have feelings and emotions. Like how could I possibly be human at a time like this, it’s so rude and selfish of me.

  15. You aren't an AH for your completely understandable feelings. No one is saying you are TA for how you feel in this difficult situation.

  16. One of things that I really don’t understand how people think parents should give up their entire life once they have children and include them in every thing.

  17. You drove him there. You said he was the only person who wasn't drinking because he was underage, so you were drinking, too, correct?

  18. OOP is 30 but has a mentality of a 20 year old lol. Actually I take that back. There are probably 16 year old more mature than OOP.

  19. I'm sure there are plenty of children under age 10 who have more empathy and less selfishness than OOP. I've met a few over the years.

  20. My OBGYN wants me to start taking Glucophage to treat my PCOS, which is one form of treatment.

  21. If propranolol gives someone de Novo psoriasis, will other beta blockers typically cause that as well or would switching help?

  22. INFO: What has your doctor advised you to do with respect to exercise and P.E. participation?

  23. There is no commercial test for the antigen, the EBV virus. All of the tests for EBV are antibody tests. False positives and false negatives are possible for any test. There are no commercially available antigen tests for the virus, which would be the only accurate way to determine whether you had reactivation of a dormant infection. This is why there's no point in testing for reactivation. The test for the actual virus isn't available except as a research tool.

  24. This outbreak of hives is not related to amoxicillin. Your trigger for hives in this situation is probably the direct effect of Coronavirus infection or it may be reactivation of a dormant herpesvirus infection. Epstein-Barr virus is the most common herpesvirus to cause hives triggered by Covid-19.

  25. D is at least being a little bit of an AH here, because he has been bringing two people to family dinner without consulting the host. I want to be clear, this has nothing to do with him not being blood family. But it sounds like OP wouldn’t even bring their bf without asking, so to bring two people without asking is rude.

  26. True, but that's also between the mother and D. OP is basically a bystander in their conflict.

  27. Your mother should be the one to express her wishes/rules/boundaries. Punting it to you is not appropriate if it's her home.

  28. As a doctor, would you find it helpful if a patient gave you a one page document in which they’ve written a brief and organized summary about themselves?

  29. If a medication normally comes in a blister pack, does taking it out of the single compartment and putting in a pill organizer ruin it?

  30. Info: Have you seen your doctor about this? Have you had any blood tests lately?

  31. INFO: How old are these two? When your daughter lived at home when she was younger, was she required to do chores, pick up after herself, participate in pet care? Was your son-in-law expected to do any of those things in his family home? Did they ever share a home or apartment with anyone else? Were they each waited on hand and foot until now? What rules and expectations did you discuss before they moved in with you?

  32. They both grew up in homes with chores and expectations. They’ve also lived with others that had the same mind set and it was fine. For some reason, this is a new behavior we’ve not seen with them before. I told my SO if it continues, then they will need to start paying towards stuff cause I can’t do much with my injuries and my SO will have to start being gone a lot. If it gets to where I can’t ask for help when I truly need it, then I need to hire someone until I heal.

  33. How old are they? Were any rules and expectations discussed with them when they moved in?

  34. That intrusive, "responsible" neighbor would be the first to sue you and to demand your dog gets put down if/when some random bad-behaving kid provokes one of them into defending himself. Anyone who proclaims themselves to be "responsible" is usually someone to beware of. She's proven this already by calling you an AH on public forums, all because you had the audacity to say no to a ridiculous request.

  35. Yes, you have trichotillomania. It's actually quite common, but most people feel shame about the behavior so it's not well researched. Basically, the habit gives relief of anxiety and reinforcement in the brain in ways that make it hard to extinguish the learned behavior. The negative effects of hair-pulling are outweighed by the positive reinforcement.

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