1. Really torn between Berserker and Egypt, but they are all cool! And I'd love to see Stargate or Something Incan/Mayan...

  2. It really uses light as an NPC. And thank you for remindeding me to replay it now that I can RTX the experience!

  3. Can you explain it for my stupid~ me, I mean me. ( I remember something about black stone?)

  4. I fixed up and drove a second gen RX7 for years, really fun car.

  5. Same- will always remember that car fondly.

  6. HW3.0 makes no difference, that's the AP computer, not infotainment.

  7. Gotcha- I thought so (right after posting). Do you have the AMD entertainment computer?

  8. Yeah, I dug around a second and agree that it seems not to be a thing yet. Bummer on a couple of levels. Partly because my last few computer builds are Ryzen and I'd love to switch in the car also (ha!), but also because streaming radio has spoiled me rotten. Can't stand to listen to DJs and commercials.

  9. Keychron K3 Ultra-Slim 75% Layout RGB Backlit Wireless Bluetooth/Wired USB Mechanical Keyboard, Hot-Swappable Low-Profile Keychron Optical Brown Switch 84-Key Gaming Keyboard for Mac Windows-Version 2

  10. That link fails for me, but I'll look for a v2 later, maybe that's it... Ayy! Worked on my computer, no idea why it failed on the phone...

  11. Necromechs... Can't explain much but slow, heavy weapons, built like tanks...

  12. He had like 9 intacts, then like 4 radiants and on the very last radiant it dropped the phantasma barrel.

  13. It should throw a couple of them randomly...

  14. A gorgeous example of Modernist architecture in South Africa. The monument itself is extremely conceptual, though. Almost to the point of incomprehensibility.

  15. I was thinking Brutalist, but either way cool monument!

  16. I don't do free research on Cx preferences.

  17. My 2018 LR is at 50K miles and about 270 miles on a full charge, which is half battery and half driving (car spends 90% of its life at 75+). Nothing to really worry about that isn't obvious, but you can always put in a ticked requesting diagnostic check of hidden systems (12v battery, coolant level, etc). They found my multibottle had sprung a leak that way, would have been a $600 repair a quarter later (off warranty then).

  18. Thanks! I made a 34x14 version and lost the drive it was on (and I guess never posted it). Snagged!

  19. Configurator – CableMod Global Store

  20. Gotta go with tiger, but they are all great!

  21. I don't actually follow any artists, so I'm just going to say contour map segments of famous places...

  22. Gotcha, Etania (DIscord/Twitch) seems cool, and made my Warframe clan logo (the Brothers Darkness FTW)!

  23. Cool kit, thank you got the giveaway!

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