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  1. Well it's ghost armour but since a month has pass you have prob figured that out

  2. Nice idea but the combat is based on countering enemy attacks, you would both just wait for the other person to attack first for eternity hahaha

  3. Well parrying gives resolve.. or atleadt in the main game it does

  4. Ya exactly, another benefit of waiting to parry instead of attacking

  5. Maybe you could use the resolve for heavenly strike or dance of wrath which would be dodge only attacks

  6. My dumbass never thought to use tomahawk with crossbow I only used crossbow like a backup pistol

  7. Thats the camp clear slow-down. It's intentional to let you know when you completed the primary objective, "Defeat All Mongols." The fact that you ended with a delayed strike finisher and hawk calling is just icing on the cake 8)

  8. In know some people play like this, but most people on here are English completely so it's just not worth typing in.

  9. Kensington armour buy lv 1 appearance default skin with bowman straw hat

  10. And a personal method is to try get something else cuz I always get everything but what I need lmao

  11. I mean if you’re not struggling, play lethal. Time to kill isn’t as big of a factor in this game anyway.

  12. Basically should I do lethal plus without upgrading sword or hard plus without upgrading

  13. I usually add up fox dens till I have enough for a new charm slot or charm like avoid them till I get 4 then do them all cuz am lazy

  14. Tbh I always drain mine before battle otherwise I could just spam heavenly strike and that combo thingy

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