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  1. I’ve heard the pilot isn’t going well, more complaints than compliments. Harder to make those schedules work in the smaller fresh departments

  2. Heard from who? Corporate says it’s going well and it’s going companywide august 6. The complaints are coming from managers that aren’t getting the benefit and have to wrap there heads around how to schedule differently than they did before.

  3. Told you it wasn’t going company wide anytime soon, the area in Georgia that was part of the pilot has gone back to regular schedules

  4. Told me what? Do you know the full story? Our RIS came by a few weeks ago and told us the rollout was on pause for the time being. He stated that some stores were having issues with coverage since they didn’t have enough associates to cover. So those store were reverted back but they said what corporate wants now is to focus on hiring more. Store in my area are fine and haven’t been changed because they have enough associates. That’s why we got the memo recently about the special days for walk in interviews. Once they’ve deemed that we’ve hired enough new associates they will move forward with the 4 day work weeks.

  5. Yes. As per my understanding when APE iPOs they’re suppose to distribute to each broker the amount of shares that equal the AMC retail have held which should be the whole float (516mil shares and change) BUT the CEO stated that they have up to 5 billion APE to distribute if necessary. So if among all the brokers that’s more AMC than they’re suppose to exist then there’s synthetic.

  6. They would have to let it run to 4 to 5 digit numbers before anyone sells but they’d be margin called based on lack on liquidity if it get into 3 digit numbers alone. They have no where else to run too. They’re done!

  7. Talk to your manager about it. Normally they encourage associates to carpool to the luncheon and sometimes they meet up at their stores to do so. You could go normally dressed but most at my luncheon dressed up nicely for it.

  8. Due to COVID? You living in 2020? I’m in Florida which still has the highest in COVID cases and they never said that to us. They actually email us to tell us to carpool. And no one at the luncheon even wore a mask.

  9. I mean it’ll be 0.01 when distributed to all amc share holder but the price should shoot up if it’s basically the whole float of AMC being matched. That’s normally how stocks work.

  10. Your evaluation is already coming august 20. One of your managers should be getting with you soon about it. Most people at my store are getting a dollar or more so hopefully you’ll get something good too.

  11. Should’ve just thrown some in the compactor if it was this much.

  12. Only if they’re watching you like a hawk and have it out for you already. I’ve never seen a manager do this.

  13. This is classic blame shifting. The managers should be monitoring the associates punches to make sure this doesn’t happen. If the truck is too big and can’t be done on the same day it’s the managers responsibility to step up and help finish it. Telling everyone they can’t leave till the truck is done is not conducive to a healthy work environment. Then you find them complaining why you’re short on the last day of the week. You’ll never be in the right even though you’re doing everything they ask.

  14. It’s starting to rollout august 8 through all stores but it’s not all at once. They will include stores week by week until they all do. All stores will offer it by end of next year.

  15. So I'm pretty sure this does nothing with a card like [[Mother of Runes]], but that card does say "color of your choice". It's distinct from a Charm or Command, but still implies a list of five choices. Is there anything on Far Out that makes it obvious whether it works with mom or not?

  16. When a card refers to modes it’s the cards that has an ability that starts with “choose one” or “choose x” and has a list of things to do.

  17. Hoping for at least a dollar but it’ll probably be around 50 cents

  18. Publix will never go back to it unless the CDC says so and it doesn’t look like they will.

  19. There was the rumor going around of a cost of living increase in June but corporate instead decided to hand out $100 gift cards… now all we’re getting is the evaluation raise in August.

  20. August 20 all raises will be in effect. Your department manager should get with you shortly and go over your evaluation.

  21. It’s security camera recording and someone is recording it of the monitor with their phone.

  22. wouldn't a true 4 day work week not compensate for hours lost by increasing the amount of hours worked per day? That defeats the purpose, no?

  23. as opposed to 5 days 8 hours. I guess it's nice to have a 3 day weekend but its not really a true 4 day work week if its not 32 hours total and wages are increased to compensate

  24. That may come later if they ever pass that bill for time and a half starting at 32.

  25. Don't you have to be at least 59 and a half years old to sell?

  26. No you can sell whenever but be penalized 10%

  27. I was personally fired and had Reddit posts used as proof. I'm waiting to re apply. lol.

  28. Thats why you don’t out yourself on here.

  29. Remember when these were 4 something? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  30. They've been piloting it already, i believe it's in Florida

  31. The pilot has been in many regions already.

  32. They should’ve been distributed last month. If you haven’t gotten them, talk to your store manager. They have a list they’re supposed to check off all associates names that got their card.

  33. Breaks are only one hour with the 4 10s. No 30s if you opt for this schedule

  34. Well normally my managers schedule me hour breaks but usually take 30 to get out early. I know it’s “mandatory” but let’s see what happens with my managers when this rolls out.

  35. Most managers I’ve seen step down or leave and come back get helped by the DM and get an hourly rate above the payscale that comparable to what they were making before (without bonuses of course). But the DM could be an jerk and not do it but more often than not they do cause they would rather have an experienced associates and a newbie that needs training.

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