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  1. "Regular yiff kinks" is an oxymoron. We're already doin' weird shit by just about any standards but our own no matter how vanilla you are.

  2. Fun fact! The fn-p90 is actually a gun that is ambidextrous, meaning right handed and left handed people can use it with ease!

  3. You'd think it'd be trans people, considering the P90 is used by MTF teams in SCP: Containment Breach.

  4. All I'VE accomplished? I don't recall being the CEO of Exxon.

  5. Half-Life 1, being official, at least gives us official lore. Plus the retro alien world looks really cool to me no matter what anyone says.

  6. i agree, everyone says they hated how xen originally looked but i really liked it and i thought the sound design was amazing

  7. The sound design is spectacular. If I could get a tattoo of a sound, it'd be the entire HL1 sound library.

  8. Isn't that what they say at the end of Scooby-Doo episodes?

  9. This guy really really hates people who *checks notes* exist.

  10. What do you want its genre described as? Horror is its roots and still works best if you need a genre to stamp on it to describe it overall.

  11. Yeah, its nice that they made it gender neutral in splatoon 3. its annoying that OP made the post just to be transphobic.

  12. Were they being transphobic in the comments or did you just find the post to be of questionable intentions?

  13. I got two gallons for them both 🤤

  14. Bitches will see this MF and start a calamitous argument as to whether it's Mekhane or not.

  15. I think it's that as the Wiki has grown and drawn in more authors, the more certain it is that one will find things not fitting to their tastes as what is written continues to diversify.

  16. This is NOT the protagonist of the 2001 Gearbox Software title Half-Life: Blue Shift. I've been deceived.

  17. That's a success story. They researched it, understood how it fit into the physical world, and now we have greater knowledge of our world.

  18. “The employees knew what they were doing” these are literally just women

  19. No, no! They're way thinner than most real, healthy women.

  20. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

  21. Twitter would never ban him. They'd lose out on revenue from hate engagement and right wing idiots.

  22. Maybe he'll finally be able to pleasure someone in bed

  23. Well I'm certainly not fucking him. I think he's so below me in terms of intellectual and emotional development that I couldn't consider him able to consent even if he weren't so repulsive that I'd vacate the room before he could ask.

  24. At least you won't have to deal with them once you're able to move out on your own.

  25. B-But I made you the fat and ugly wojack why aren't you changing your worldview to fit mine exactly? Stupid liberals!!!

  26. We don't even know anything about him and you're saying he's too similar to Mettaton. Though frankly if he is, it'd make sense. The King had a lot of thematic and narrative parallels to Asgore in Undertale, so the TV being similar to Mettaton would make sense and create an interesting trend after we didn't get anything similar in Chapter 2 with Queen.

  27. we had refrences to mettaton and mad dummy in spamton's music and NEO's design too.

  28. While Spamton NEO is obviously referencing Mettaton NEO and has direct ties to Deltarune's Mettaton, I don't think Spamton's character or storyline parallels Mettaton's at all.

  29. Heavy and Medic have passionate gay sex between every scene in Meet the Medic, but they finish and get back to business before the camera starts rolling again.

  30. I hold my OCs so gently like a pigeon. I do sometimes squeeze them though because stories need conflict and also it's funny sometimes.

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