1. Still not beating the Chiefs in the playoffs 🥱🥱

  2. The day Patrick Mahomes has to play a playoff game on the road for once will be a good day

  3. Well unlike Boston, they can afford too

  4. The 5 teams in on DeAndre Hopkins are the Bills, Patriots, Ravens, Raiders, Falcons. Per Adam Jones

  5. So I guess the Bills have officially replaced the Patriots as the team that gets linked to every veteran who becomes available, no matter what?

  6. I mean hey I don’t mind it sometimes

  7. What happened to Ed? I know he had a disappointing rookie year but I thought I heard he seemed like he was breaking out recently.

  8. Hes just extremely average, and now he is on social media posting tons of cryptic stuff about being unappreciated and not getting paid enough etc, hasn't lived up to his 9th overall pick, and now he's doing all that crap.

  9. Haha bro if the pats aren’t willing to pay the price, how tf can the browns? With what picks?

  10. Pats never pay good money or picks for a WR lol

  11. I am loving this off-season, time to get my hopes up again for them to be inevitably quashed.

  12. I for one would love a Westjet 6 am Seattle flight, so I could connect to the Eastern US on Delta. That would be amazing.

  13. I'd fly out of CHA simply to not have to deal with ATL security and such. It has three gates, no line at security, it's awesome.

  14. Same here, my family is 30 min drive from Chattanooga in Northern GA, and usually I fly out of ATL cause its way cheaper, but this time around CHA was way way cheaper. Never flown out of CHA but looking forward to it. Done ATL, LAX, ORD, etc security enough times to truly appreciate originating at a smaller airport.

  15. Had this same experience recently when booking, although it works in my favor. Visiting family in Northern GA near Chattanooga, I live in Western Canada and usually flying into Atlanta is insanely cheaper even though you still have a 90 min drive to their house after landing, but its what I've done my whole life.

  16. If I was the Jets Id just say fuck this guy and backout. I love Rodgers but dude is 39, and as much as I dislike the Jets they're getting screwed over by this guy, for him to play what, maybe 1-2 more years tops?

  17. Bills this is pretty easy. If you can get Jamaal Williams that makes your Singletary decision easy.

  18. Is it Jamaal Williams and Bobby Wagner time Beane?

  19. Ballard cheaps out everywhere but kickers

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