Here's an Anime Transitions and SFX AMV I made with about 83 different anime-styled works included. Hope you enjoy!

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I've seen a lot of people calling for the death penalty for war criminals and traitors in Ukraine I'd like to remind everyone that one of the reasons Ukraine is better than Russia is it's a civilized country with no death penalty even during wartime and they are better for it

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  1. Before I can even begin to judge the quality of a headphone, I need to get past a certain level of discomfort; specifically caused by how hard it smashes against my head. It's not uncommon for a set to become intolerable after about half an hour. To make matters worse, I wear glasses and that adds another layer of discomfort.

  2. That really depends on your head size and shape. What's comfortable for one person isn't for another. Most people really like the Hifiman comfort headband for instance (the one the old 400i uses), but it's way too small for my head and crushes my skull.

  3. This helps a lot. Thanks for providing so much information.

  4. I'm a fool. Thanks for clearing it up for me

  5. Evolve into a more fossilized state

  6. If she's stuck in a dryer it's not rape

  7. It's all about Taiwan, and the war that's coming. (The CCP has said numerous times that unless Taiwan voluntarily rejoins China there will be war.) They're watching how the world reacts to Russia's war, and getting involved muddies up these observations. They don't care about U.S. warnings

  8. I wish I had seen this before struggling thru that wall of text

  9. Finally, something to be completely happy about with Microsoft

  10. Just how much worse has he seen that we haven't?

  11. Brrrrrrr is an understatement. And if needed we can build factories quick. But we won’t need to. Might not even have to hire a 2nd shift to be honest. Our global stockpiles have been in place for decades.

  12. We'll need to replenish though, for when China attacks Taiwan

  13. Is anyone in Ukraine playing world of warcraft right now?

  14. China refuses to condemn Russia because it wants Taiwan. It has stated many times that it is willing to wage war to conquer Taiwan. China can't very well criticize Russia for doing exactly what it intends to do itself.

  15. We Americans appreciate Ukraine's appreciation of our efforts. But the truth is that the United States needs to do more.

  16. Haven't we already approved around $13 billion?

  17. She deserves to have a payout so she can live the rest of her life without having to work. She's a fucking hero.

  18. I bet she's not a person who'd just sit at home.

  19. Literally impossible, we (and by "we" I mean literally every Western developed country) voluntarily got rid of our industry and manufacturing so our 1% could make more money by being able to pay their Chinese workers less than domestic ones by a couple orders of magnitudes.

  20. You're trolling us, right? You think that government can make something "more efficient"? Govt is virtually defined by inefficiency.

  21. Governments aren’t defined by inefficiency, there’s plenty of efficient government spending around the world. The real issue is there are political parties who purposefully neuter the governments ability to be efficient, then claim government is the problem.

  22. Yeah, they pretty much are. A business or institution that faces no competition has no incentive to be as efficient as one that does. That's just how the real world works. That's not to say a govt can't get the job done properly. It simply can't do it as cheaply or quickly as a private company.

  23. It costs about $2 billion USD to build an American football stadium. It seems like there's a hell of a lot more damage than 30 stadiums throughout Ukraine.

  24. I don't think that rebuilding Ukraine involves erecting profligate public-private temples for billionaires' sporting toys.

  25. I wasn't suggesting anything of the sort. Just trying to make a very rough comparison

  26. Bullshit. They don’t even have integrated GPS. Poor fuckers are trying to use Garmins in aerial combat.

  27. Lmao, Garmin's. And Thomas guides to find the crash site?

  28. China puts just as many resources into espionage as R&D, make of that what you will.

  29. Yeah, China has probably already stolen the blueprints for this device. The only leg up we have on them is that our manufacturing is superior, for now.

  30. Maybe it is due to the fact that the US does not depend on Russian imports, but they are going fucking all-in, while other European countries keep trying to maintain safe-distance from direct involvement.

  31. It's taking balls, for sure. The US economy is definitely taking a hit because of all that Biden has been doing, and the economy is typically what drives elections. He and his supporters are going to get bruised up pretty badly by the republicans during the next elections. I'm not a democrat, but I'm proud of this president and would vote for his reelection simply because of how vigorously he supported Ukraine.

  32. Didn't we also do this with Germany after WWI?

  33. America: Hold my beer [Death penalty federally allowed, many states practice it, including South Carolina which is now using firing squad for executions]

  34. The criminal can choose the firing squad. I assume the chair is still another option

  35. Too bad the music volume was 5x that of what we were watching

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