1. Just get high ground and shot the bots or NPC it’s like 500 - 1k damage

  2. Are you playing arena or another game mode ? (Different than solo , duo or squad?

  3. Captain marvel , black panther and taskmaster

  4. Try Chronos , He is one of the best God’s for duel but a bit difficult to use

  5. Go to store - others - account - redeem code

  6. Hi , this code it’s only available for pc ? I’m from console

  7. Same With Erron Black Second Fatality , Kano Only pop One Eye

  8. For some of the characters you are right and the other variations probably wouldnt be too bad, but some characters (geras is the first one to pop into my mind) have moves that were made because theyre cool, but not necessarily balanced. Also it is a huge burden on the players to memorize every possible variation of each character so they can figure out what moves their opponent has before they get destroyed by a less used move. I do think something needs to be changed as it feels like some characters only really have one viable variation

  9. Another OP Skill is from Erron Black , the BF1 AMP KB because if you’re over acid active the KB and is over 380Dmg Just for 2 move

  10. I said yes and it erased my basic settings like controller configuration and “would you like to learn the basics pop up” but nothing else I noticed was erased

  11. Because all your progress its save on the servers online so don't worry about it

  12. you forgot Meat , he has a modifier in the game

  13. In my headcanon, meat escaped Shang Tsungs flesh pits and he’s the monster who kills you in the krypt.

  14. Johnny Cage it’s $500 bounty for his glasses Lol

  15. I can’t do the stronghold 3 because i can’t upgrade the White House to lvl 3 and its a requirement to do that mission , Heelppp!!!

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