1. Ackchually the bar only weighs around 45 pounds, it's the added weights that make it heavier 🤓

  2. The damn bed thing that you lay on lol I don’t know if it had a name

  3. I never understood what people that actually do this think is going to happen

  4. This scene literally happens in his Jungle Cruise movie lmao

  5. Commenting on [Insert a picture of a cat with an edgy caption]...

  6. My buddy and I have a scientific hypothesis: The less you talk to the person cutting your hair, the better the haircut turns out.

  7. I would love to see the data on that because I think you’re right lol my hair always looks a lot better when I am basically sleeping while they cuts it

  8. My barber doesn’t know English and probably hates me so I’m free of this dilemma

  9. Hmm a barber that hates you sounds like a terrible combo lol

  10. Getting grounded at 22 hits different than when I was 7. Sometimes I wish I got grounded more often

  11. Put a spoiler bro. I wasn't really ready to see corpse jerky today

  12. You’re right. My bad, I forget it can be pretty disturbing to most people

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