1. 9 days, twice. Both times ended with a sentence 😶

  2. Did you ever seduce your therapist and mindfuck him?

  3. Honestly I trip out especially the dudes that post vids like butt naked blowing clouds or boofing up their asshole. Like wow are you so far gone that you really don’t care about putting that out there like that?? Who’s basement will you live in when Gma dies?

  4. Yeah I know I got banned after like five minutes for telling a story about a redditor trying to scam me because they said I was sourcing

  5. Dystopia rules let’s hear all these haters albums

  6. There’s only room in my heart for one love 💎

  7. Yeah it ain’t like the good all days when we had 24/7 community

  8. Probably the same reason that people who aren’t homeless do meth

  9. I wish I could I’ve been stuck on your posts for a minute 😳

  10. At least you’re cute, some people are struggling and they’re ugly while they’re doing it

  11. Wait are you male or female I couldn’t figure it out

  12. I’ve taken that zzquil stuff and it worked but the two mixed together made me feel pretty trippy before I fell asleep

  13. Sounds to me like your boyfriend is most likely a closer drug addict

  14. Congratulations you used the word probabaly in the most perverted way. Congrats more meaning then I ever thought it could hold... you must do da ice ice baby, no?

  15. Wow those luscious lips got me breathing heavy over here

  16. I think I’m literally in love with this hottie

  17. Man I been wankin to this betch for days now

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