1. The first game was great. I won't be paying for hbo to watch the second season of this show

  2. I saw a version of him being black. Must have been the ps3 version

  3. He did say on a livestream that he doesn't think he'll ever stop making music. It's what "fills his soul" is what he says.

  4. I find it bizarre that in the "greatest country in the world", you live in such fear that every trip to the corner store is a possible life-ender.

  5. You don't live in America don't you? For the average citizen this doesn't cross our mind when we go shopping.

  6. The chances of being murdered while minding your own business is essentially zero

  7. We just set you up for another 4-0 and you took the bait la ;)

  8. You realise you’re showing that in 3 weeks you still haven’t realised that this was a joke don’t you?

  9. I'll gladly pay more attention to the opinion of Ashley Johnson who actually played Ellie than some random dude on reddit.

  10. As you continuously peruse a sub, anthesis to your beliefs, making your worthless opinions known to all of us...😘

  11. If you listen to the podcast, you'll get a lot of your questions answered.

  12. https://open.spotify.com/show/63sqfQdGgHdkBlR7bxLeBk?si=6-dUfOQjSIe8UG-bL43ibQ

  13. They divorced due to the backlash from mother in lawzilla. Sad stuff.

  14. A story should not have to rely on supplementary material in order for it to make sense.

  15. Mmm I don't think they're explaining the material for it to make sense. I see it more as them having fun breaking down the episodes.

  16. I've watched multiple series and movies that I enjoyed without having the need to listen to a podcast to make sense of the story. That's called good story telling.

  17. How the fuck didn't they hear the gunshots? There was a whole John Wick gunfight scene in the coridors. And it didn't worry them.

  18. I wouldn't say I dislike it. I became a fan of GA when ZABA came out and fell in love with that sound. Dreamland is just a bit too poppy for my taste. Again, not saying that it's a bad thing or that I don't like it.

  19. With what? I didn't insult you lol just said your baseless insult sucked

  20. The other 2 subs are cults where if you say anything slightly negative about the show or the game, you get downvoted to hell and called a bigot because you didn't like part 2/the show etc. The other subs just get triggered when they hear the name of this sub, since you can actually speak your mind and not get blind hate. Best to back to Cuckman now and review boost the show like a good stan.

  21. thats not true, ive been posts about part 2 explaining how people like it, and if they like it good for them. Its the fanboys blinding defending any form of critcism towards it and getting all emotional about it are the ones who get downvoted, not because of their opinion but because of the way they express it. Theres a big difference between saying "i dont like the last of us personally" and "the last of us is garbage"

  22. We all wanted Joel to live bro. We all did. I think its safe to say we all left the franchise after what they did to him in Part 2. We all know how it feels bro. For the true fans. Its over.

  23. There are big time spoilers here from the story (unless you don't care about spoilers)

  24. It's alright but that's it, alright. It's too slow paced for me, action scenes so random/short theres nothing to look forward to, and the ending was a massive letdown.

  25. Amazing episode and true to the game if we're being honest.

  26. nah they changed the whole scenery, they made the room clean and made Jerry white

  27. i have no idea why you’re being downvoted what you said is literally true lmao

  28. i have no idea why you’re being downvoted what you said is literally true lmao

  29. That's not why people were angry, but you probably knew that.

  30. I've literally read people on here say that the reason they hated the game is because of Joel's death.

  31. Might be wrong for you but I've literally read on here say that that's their only reason. I don't know what else you want me to tell you lol.

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