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  1. The Duo cleaner by Shark is a decent rechargeable Hoover kinda similar to the Dyson except it folds away and the head also has a motor with the brush.

  2. Yea it’s doing the job, but I’d hate to recommend something and it turns out to be a ball of shite 😅.

  3. Nope I’d say the interest isn’t going to be there tbh, most people in Ireland think about going through America, Australia or Asia a bit more exciting than a few hour’s on a Ryanair flight to Spain or Germany 😅.

  4. Could be a good opportunity for a young person I suppose! meet new friends and making a positive impact.

  5. Absolutely I’d say language students could use the crap out of this and get great experience from it also, but Personally and I am not sure if I’m alone on this, but I prefer to visit and explore countries that maybe difficult or get access to.

  6. Brown sauce on a breakfast role at 8 in the morning no better thing in life 😂😂

  7. That’s old packaging. I thought they discontinued that range years ago lol

  8. I won’t lie it’s probably been in the cupboard longer than it was in the barrel, if it was ever in a barrel 😅

  9. My body instantly rejected it no matter how diluted with coke it was like drinking from an ashtray, I am sure the alcoholic’s on the street wouldn’t notice the taste.

  10. In 2019 I came back from Hong Kong I would have recommended there because it was Amazing and the CCP was still not entirely gotten in charge, but at this point I recommend stay well away from CCP affiliated Territories.

  11. Well personally at one stage I bought the GPU first and built the machine around it so I know the pain, but I will say that poor 3080 is goin to be throttling to F**k if that CPU is anything under a 10th gen CPU.

  12. “The Savage eye” no lie if your a bit weak in the knees like most people nowadays you won’t like it 😅.

  13. Ha, I hadn't seen the comment was deleted, he must have done it himself.

  14. That’s a pikey freak out, Sure she’ll get her brothers billy bob and John joe to bare knuckle fight him in the morning 😂😂😂

  15. I always have plenty salt and vinegar thank you 😊, my Romanian mate dose not get it she tried it and she say’s we have stomachs of steal because they would only use vinegar for cleaning 😅.

  16. A pack of dogs wouldn’t last long they would be shot in a field by a farmer if they are menacing live stock and/or ISPCA found and rounded them up.

  17. I said it before and I’ll say it again, is it just me or is the UK done with this NI’s bullshit and just slowly and passive aggressively doing things that would piss off the DUP, OOrder and unionist 😂😂.

  18. Oh I wish I was there mother fucken dumb as on the stage 😂😂😂

  19. I’m in my early 30’s also and I seen it on TV, I was pretty young though single digits.

  20. Id doubt even most Irish people under 29 would get it tbh, but that was brilliant 😂😂😂.

  21. Sure in an earlier post I put up about them marching near Drogheda all I could see in the comments was, “they aren’t harming anyone” or “we have to let them march to unite the country” and I still stick with what I know about the Orange order.

  22. Right now yes it runs with AMD machines, I have been using windows 11 since the beginning and the issue with the CPU’s is now resolved and patches have been released.

  23. I don’t know any people who don’t support LGB….., but nowadays I just can’t give a fuck, the fucks are gone, I have no more to give away.

  24. The M50 is 100kmph till they take down the signs, they can fuck off with this absolute waste of money.

  25. RTE news YouTube channel should activate comments, to allow discourse under their videos :)

  26. Ah yea totally agree they are a public service and shouldn’t be aloud to stop freedom of expression.

  27. They are for storing fresh water, if you keep water higher than the surrounding area if provides pressure in your taps.

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