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  1. It’s a great scent that’s gets hyped for a reason. The most accurate scent description I’ve read for it was that it smelled like valentine heart candies

  2. I’m looking for suggestions on a bag like the Loewe Puzzle Medium sized. I like the size of this bag, the minimal/simplistic look, and the long crossbody adjustable strap. Anyone have recommendations on a bag that fits this criteria?

  3. Don’t forget to pair it with your

  4. This is when I used to always stock up on the Paula’s Choice BHA. I haven’t bought a new bottle in years and I’m finally on the last bottle in my stash... I hope the early access people don’t clear the stock before the sale opens to everyone 😭

  5. I always start with Hi! (你好). Paste a picture of the item I want and ask if they have it. And wait. 😂

  6. Good to know! Do you only communicate in Chinese?

  7. Some sellers I communicate in Chinese and they reply in English... Then I will just continue in English. I think most sellers here are quite fluent in English! In fact a seller I recently dealt with (Morgan), her English is good! Her English is definitely more than basic.

  8. Thanks for the info! I’ve been reading all of the wikis and guides here trying to learn how to start with reps, but it’s all so overwhelming

  9. I really like the original. I don’t like the Extreme, however. I don’t like rose as a note in general and the Extreme is prominently rose

  10. Off topic, but I wonder what percentage of people actually like this map...

  11. I’m a new player and this is one of my favorite maps. I like the luck aspect of it I guess

  12. Did you being on the other side trigger that last piece to fall?

  13. Yoojung did amazing! The MV reminds me of the short film

  14. Ivory Route. Spicy with a background of vanilla

  15. how would you rate the new kirby forgotten land game?

  16. I recently beat the whole story. I’d rate my experience and enjoyability an 8 or 8.5/10. It’s cute, chill, and not too difficult (some bosses and challenges can take a few tries).

  17. Super glue on the end of something small like a toothpick and stick it to the checker piece. Wait until it dries and try to pull it out

  18. I probably need to have Nintendo Internet membership to play Fall Guys with a friend right?

  19. Anyone else annoyed at how long it takes to go from eliminated to starting a new round? Like why would they make you have to go all the way back to the lobby each time. Epic Games made it very easy to start a new match in Fortnite.

  20. Yes, it’s so frustrating. Also, it’s annoying that I can’t leave the match immediately when my whole whole squad/duo is eliminated or obviously didn’t qualify without losing all of my rewards. It forces you to wait until the loading screen of the next map. We didn’t qualify, so why do I have to sit through the rest of the match and watch all of these loading screens??

  21. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  22. Skin: Acne-prone, oily, some dry patches

  23. How did you like PC 2% BHA? I'm thinking of getting it for the blackheads on my nose, not sure if it'll work?

  24. It’s been my longest HG product for 8+ years. It helps to keep acne at bay, clears clogged pores, and improves overall skin texture

  25. I don't know this guy but it's no surprise that the PRC gov would silence any dissenting citizens. Hope he's alright.

  26. OP didn’t specify where he’s from though

  27. I just got a tretinoin prescription... What are some things I should/shouldn't do? Obviously sunscreen always. Should I stay away of bha? Any other exfoliants? What about acids? Any products in particularly that helped you? I'm expecting dryness and irritation so I guess I'll go extra with the moisture! I'll go deep into Google but let me know if you have any tips. Thanks and have a great day!

  28. The other commenter covered basically everything, but I’ll add that you should start with using it once a week for a month and then two times a week for a month and so on. Your skin needs time to adjust to it. I’ve been using it for a while and my skin can only handle 3 times a week at max

  29. Are you using both to address acne or hyperpigmentation?

  30. Tret for acne and azelaic acid for hyperpigmentation. I don’t remember when I noticed any fading, but it has helped. I get new spots either every breakout. The az acid helps to fade them quicker

  31. The CGI doesn’t look that great tbh. It looks good in pictures, but the movement and especially facial expressions when singing don’t look good at all

  32. Wearing fragrance everyday. I consider it part of my morning hygiene/getting-ready routine. If I don’t wear a fragrance, I just don’t feel complete in the morning. It’s like if I forgot to brush my teeth or put on deodorant.

  33. Don’t they frequently have 50% off site wide sales? This sale seems extremely lackluster compared to that

  34. I love them. I own a handful of pairs. On days that I’m wearing a different brand, I instantly miss the Airisms. I’ve been considering replacing all of my other underwear for them.

  35. Anyone having trouble inviting friends to a party? Invites aren’t showing up for us

  36. It’s a lot quicker to find a match in Duos or Fours. Solo takes 5-10 mins to find a match

  37. Can someone summarize and explain a bit what is this series? Are they gonna compile it or just drop/release it one by one?

  38. A member releases a solo song every month

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