1. The bad Stitching looks like the first batch they’ve ever made for this. Its too connected and slanted. The newer ones have some space and is straight but still messed up. Other than that the quality looks clean.

  2. I think this is the best batch yet :/

  3. Laces look a lot better than the cheap batch but it still has the same stitching flaws

  4. I know, nobody is making a good stitching 😩

  5. Just buy the real ones bro, you don’t gonna have problems with sound quality

  6. I know :( but I was in the same position as you, searching for reps but honestly I preferred to buy the real ones and everything is good, you only need a credit card

  7. Can you dm me some pics on feet? Specially walking because I got a cheap batch and it’s horrible haha 😩

  8. Link? I will leak if it’s possible

  9. A lot of designers do not put the correct version on their website for the reason of rep makers. Hence why he is saying you have to check in store because that is the only true way of knowing what one is accurate….

  10. Ofc not 😂😂 the retail one is made by an special cracked ink, that’s why every version looks different

  11. I really like the way you style your hair, do you have any tutorials to link ? or the way its called so im gonna show to my barber

  12. haha i dont but usually im inspired by kpop idols

  13. Thunder version looks bigger man

  14. It’s sad to see the amount of bad comments here lol people here always critiques my style too Overall. It’s a nice fit, are the ricks from where?

  15. Make sense maybe he should have first find a original one for sale and then post a interest check

  16. Is not that easy man, it’s like an investment and probably he can’t find the original :/

  17. Quizas. Quizas no. Falta muchisimo contexto aqui que se deja a interpretar y como es costumbre, crea que la sociedad haga sus propias proyecciones del problema real y crean problemas donde no hay.

  18. Más vale we, ya la gente se harta

  19. Have this in hand! You will not regret it, awesome quality

  20. Yo a los 10 tiraba la basura de mi vecindario y las doñitas me daban de 5-15 pesos pero igual empecé a aprender photoshop y ya a los 13 estaba ganando en dólares haciéndoles banners y miniaturas a youtubers gringous

  21. Ciento nueve mil novecientos noventa y nueve…?

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