1. You’re suggesting that wasn’t his genuine coin purse? Lol

  2. P-Month is over. On to the next empty, virtue signal, low effort “social cause” month…..

  3. We need more black history. Can you name an achievement in modern society that black people created?

  4. Pioneered Gangster Rap and Hip Hop. Plus the legacy, Jazz.

  5. But, but, but, muh beloved Dr. Faucci wouldn’t hurt a puppy.

  6. Skinny Tony’s head should be put in a fucking Vice……

  7. Taunting the Blue Hair brigade is a zero sum game. They seethe without assistance. Just my two cents.

  8. Pump the breaks on the Fear Porn. Worry is a waste of imagination….

  9. Just cleanup after yourself and help with the laundry every other week and they’ll be mad soaked……

  10. Can’t wait for the NFL Season to get underway. Tired of all the doom and gloom…

  11. Reminds me of something Gunnery Sergeant said about men named “Lawrence”

  12. We do not collect any sensitive user data concerning users’ names, addresses, phone numbers, payment details, personal ID data or any other sensitive personal details that the user shares with the application. We also do not and cannot collect data about what users do outside the app. AppMetrica is constantly monitored and assessed by Apple and Google for compliance with App Store and Play Store moderation policies, which set high standards for user data protection.

  13. The people that were worshiping Ba’al and Moloch didn’t go anywhere. They just switched their games up a little bit. Burning infants alive in the arms of a giant bull to pounding drums and blasting horns is a tad bit too brazen these days.

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