1. Dude you did this to yourself. Use your brain and where a condom for fucksake

  2. I wore a Condom. No need to be rude. I came here for advice, not to be berated

  3. I’m not religious but burning scripture that other people consider sacred is vile. You should be ashamed

  4. The bible forbids it. Literally one of its commands is “thou shall not murder”.

  5. Considering abortion is murder as you’re unjustly taking life away from someone.

  6. Does the bible specify at what point life begins? Because without any specification you could argue that masturbation is murder

  7. I take it you don’t think the Bible is the word of God?

  8. Well I think originally it was but the church changed scriptures over time to justify their actions. For instance: I doubt Jesus would have approved the crusades

  9. I believe in god and his son Jesus Christ as written in the bible. But I don’t support church. I don’t go to Church and I don’t agree with their stance on homosexuality, pre marital sex or tattoos. I don’t think it’s necessary to pray every day although I do pray in times of difficulty. I guess I agree with most peoples ideas of what a good person is if that makes sense. So I don’t know what to say when someone asks me if I’m religious. I’m not baptised and don’t feel the need to be. I guess I have a problem where I have to label everything and I’m wondering if I fall under any religion. I’m not agnostic because in my mind I am 100% sure that god and Jesus exist so I’m just wondering if anyone here can help.

  10. Keep at it, buddy. Stick to your routine until you get there.

  11. Do the Couch To 5K program, ideally outside. It’ll build you up gradually.

  12. Is there any app you recommend for that or like what do you use?

  13. i don't know the exact explanation, but it's something normal that happens from time to time, just wait a few minutes and it'll be back

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