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  1. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  2. lmao yeah, i got a twenty day ban for commenting the nigerian flag emoji. literally 1984. too bad the mods have to suck off the admins to keep this place safe from the ban hammer

  3. You mean instigators like Kyle Rittenhouse?

  4. Unless Xbox has a stereo panning option (left to right, normally balanced in the middle), you’ll need a stereo to mono adapter (3.5 mm). Google has a few results and they’re not expensive.

  5. This is untrue- disorder is literally in the name. It’s a severe reaction to trauma that can’t be undone. You can’t have sub-clinical DID.

  6. I’m ashamed to see fellow servers behave and think like this. Why be better, when you can be bitter I guess.

  7. How's the view up there from that high horse? Lol, you're "ashamed" to see a server complaining about getting stiffed? Where the hell do you think you are? Isn't this place supposed to be one where servers can congregate to vent? Wtf lmao

  8. My high horse? You created a whole post to vent about some kids. Lol you do you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  9. That depends on how much you care about those things staying white. It's a big deal if you wear white at work (bakeries, kitchens, hospitals etc.) because you're gonna be washing those clothes after each use.

  10. I love this, do you have a website for the game? Please post updates!

  11. Wouldn’t va beach residents be able to afford a higher tax? It’s a bougie area correct? I’m fairly new to the area though.

  12. I saw on the VB gov website somewhere where they did a weighted comparison of the different cities and their tax burdens. Even with the higher real estate values it is still significantly less expensive tax wise in Virginia Beach.

  13. Exactly, why would VA beach have lower taxes than an adjacent city with lower property values?

  14. Yoo I swear if I just got some unconditional love I think I’d really heal up. I also do my best to give it to others, and I think people appreciate me because of it.

  15. I believe you are already giving it! Here is some love and hugs towards you.

  16. I saw an interesting video on sound design, I’ll have to look for it. The creator was imitating different instruments by EQing a sine wave very specifically. Maybe you could record some guitar with the tone you’re trying to match, and then compare the frequencies. Note the spikes and valleys and try to EQ the synth in the same way.

  17. Wow, you made it so ugly. At least keep the order of locations consistent imo.

  18. Do you mean rotations or precision? I couldn’t do it because I’m too cheap for photoshop and this was done in paint 3D. But if you are referring to Auth left and Left Center having only 4, that’s because there was little variety for those quadrants in the responses

  19. Yeah it’s everything being rotated that’s jarring. I guess I don’t hate it, this is an informal setting after all. And what I meant about order was it would look clean if you kept the order of regions the same for every quadrant.

  20. I’ve never heard of bad results from a transplant >_< Well I’m still betting my money on it I guess

  21. Sorry, but what is an AC/AC adapter? If you’re limiting the current, that isn’t automatically DC?

  22. An AC/AC adapter is just a transformer. And limiting the current doesn't automatically make it DC, it needs to be rectified at a minimum

  23. Oh it’s even on the sticker. That makes sense, thanks!

  24. If you pitch up all instruments, it will all even out and any chords or scales will stay proportionate. If you pitch up the chord instrument and don’t for the scale instrument, it will be different.

  25. The transmission failing suddenly like that is bizarre to me. It’s so rare on Corollas I’m skeptical.

  26. It was a very weird incident. It was driving fine, even when I started that drive it was fine, then a little light smoke came from the hood and there was a lot of loud clanking. I pulled off, stopped my car and restarted it. It didn’t go forward or backward, just made nasty sounds when I put it in gear. Neutral was fine. The tow truck driver was able to push my car while in park. It was a rough night. The park works now, though.

  27. This is why I sold my soul and went corporate dining mgmt. No nights, no weekends, benefits, and good pay. My staff is an army of talentless union boneheads but there’s always enough bodies to get it done. I miss restaurants but I’ll never go back.

  28. You’re probably good for another at least five years before you need to do anything about it. You’re jumping the gun, it’s not noticeably thin.

  29. Thank you for your advice. I didn’t think it was too bad either. Still, I think I might still visit a derm.

  30. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

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