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  1. The fuck was going on with his stomach there

  2. Palumboism and he’s sucking in imo. Pics of him younger he had a slim waist

  3. I was surprised how much facial plastic surgery he’s done (watch video at 2x speed)

  4. pretty interesting but I think the chin/jaw implant claim is bullshit. He’s just a kid in the before, as a man your jaw grows in more.

  5. As a Lil Peep fan I feel so special and blessed to know you’re around on this sub Liza, thank you!

  6. Nah you’re wrong. He may not be to your taste but he looks like a young Marlon Brando.

  7. It seems like many codependent people have the same problem with friends. They feel like their friends aren't there for them, that they give more than they receive, etc etc.

  8. How do you know so much? Have you gotten therapy for this or read a particular book on it?

  9. I have a bit of a theory that many of us just approach dressing in a different way from the norm. I think we are much more likely to express ourselves through clothes like it's an art form, and I kind of get the impression most people are conciously trying to fit in and dress to either fly under the radar or try to appropriate "what's cool" (in a mainstream sense.)

  10. FWIW I asked a Chiropractor about this (just casually he wasn’t my Chiro) and he said not to worry about it, that you need sleep and just to sleep however you can. I have personally found that sleeping flat on my back with no pillow can sometimes help if I’m sore though.

  11. I was worried about my side sleeping posture

  12. You can get a big bucket hat that will obscure your eyes from everyone’s view if you wear it low, then just flip the brim up once you need to see where you’re walking. You can figure out which side the doors aren’t opening on for a while and stand at those doors facing out, that way you can focus on the world outside the subway car and people also can’t get a good look at you.

  13. Thank you!! That’s actually a nice suggestion

  14. No problem I deal with the exact same thing so I developed these techniques over a while. Good luck with it!

  15. Why couldn’t you give him the basic courtesy of an in-person break-up? Couldn’t make a phone call even? Not sure why this kind of behaviour is applauded, it’s not nice.

  16. You could try the Bobby Lee method and hire a bunch of sex workers so you can get the ball rolling and feel more confident with the ladies, could also take a vacation and travel. You might feel more confident meeting strangers with the knowledge that they’re completely unconnected to your life back home, and the experience you get meeting people on your travels could boost your confidence back home too.

  17. and there more than that that aren’t as common like brian fog (that hit me hard), even insomnia in some cases

  18. The main one that keeps me away is pretty esoteric, but apparently it can make you lose the fat under your eyes. I’ve seen it explained as the reason Justin Bieber started always wearing hats for a while and ended up having a more sunken eyed look

  19. Yes, as soon as people start playing subtext games to create a power dynamic between us I just want to be out of the interaction, I could never be one of those high-society people where it’s all frenemies jockeying for position. I also just get absolutely triggered by passive aggression, I can’t stand it. I honestly believe it’s a positive about me that [since I hate these forms of subtext] at least I’m usually genuine.

  20. I guess no-one is really interested in doing it, but it would be nice if there was heavy moderation in this sub. Can’t see why the three downvoted posters on this thread shouldn’t be banned, they’re clearly hate-lurking the sub.

  21. It’s been 4 years man, there’s only that much to talk about. I’d rather this sub become a place sharing good memories than some weirdo asking about what brand of condom X was using

  22. 6’4” (really) men lie about this all the time, i can see it in their partner’s eyes when they ask how tall I am. (i’m mostly a miserable cunt so it’s more what you do with it, wasted on me)

  23. It’s so true, and idk how but it seems like some really believe it. I used to have a friend who claimed to be 6’3” I corrected him because I’m taller at 6’1” then a couple years later he claimed 6’3” again in an offhand remark.. I just let him have it at that point 🤷‍♂️ I feel like these guys don’t know it’s cheating to measure in shoes.

  24. Women lie about their age to seem younger, minors lie about being adults, most people lie on their taxes, people just lie to try and advance their interests.

  25. That’s definitely the case but it doesn’t solve this mystery for me because he was speaking only to me both times, the only way it could have advanced his interests is if he was trying to psychologically dominate me by making me bend the knee and accept that a shorter man was taller then me like I was a subject of King Louis XIV, which he did accomplish by the second time

  26. I've noticed this too,

  27. Wait isn’t Winger a self-insert for Dan?

  28. Ok, I appreciate you relating to my situation here and you could be right. I’m going to just try to hold on, hopefully this is all temporary

  29. chill out. The reason is because I’m AP. I’ve dug. You’re minimizing the situation, no need for this reply of yours.

  30. Neal just referred to her that way when he mentioned that he did Aya with her, as if the podcast never happened. It hurt remembering they were doing the podcast during that time [when they both did Aya.] Hearing him refer to her just as Bianca from the Comedy Store instead of someone he did a podcast with felt like a nail in the coffin of HNF.

  31. Look at the current version of Joe and ask yourself how long he would last through one episode of How Neal Feel without having trt withdrawals

  32. lmao I have been enjoying JRE lately (ik I’m standing against the tide to admit that) but it was pretty funny in this episode to hear Neal talking about people with engorged heads from steroids while staring Joe in his pumpkin face

  33. I think USA and my own Canada both are ecstatic that wheat and OIL prices are doubling. Neither country gives a flying f- if poor people eat or not.

  34. I’m in Canada too (and poor.) Should I try to stockpile some food? Never considered it so seriously before.. But I’ve already noticed that I’ve gone from being able to save a couple hundred a month if I stayed frugal to sliding steadily into debt without buying anything unnecessary.

  35. You should consider joining a community and be as self sufficient as possible, IF possible.

  36. Thanks for sharing your advice. Do you mean an intentional community, like a commune?

  37. you’re smart to do that. It’s basically impossible for them to know if you’re in another part of Canada (but outside of Ontario) due to freedom of movement. So long as you don’t file tax in, or get an ID from, another province, I can’t imagine it being a problem even.

  38. Does this just apply to driving? I’m concerned about the visibility of plane tickets

  39. i guess i did have driving / train / bus in mind when i wrote it, but i don't think airlines share info on canadians who are taking in-canada flights (i'm talking direct flights--not layovers in some US airport, obviously).

  40. Ok thank you. And by the sounds of it that scenario would just trigger an overpayment, since I read it takes a several month scenario to get cut off. I actually found this thread searching for someone with experience with that.

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