1. Also make a list of reliable sellers or traders.

  2. I am on the same boat but I am going to do both.

  3. I say it will be similar to TOTS Kimmich price.

  4. He will probably be higher 1 mill + mainly bc of 90 pace and better links

  5. You are probably right. I was being too optimistic. North of 1.5 mil for sure at the start of promo.

  6. I wanna get him but I think about waiting until the final is over

  7. It he plays and scores like in 2020, prices will skyrocket to the moon.

  8. With the pace you have I would go 5 wide with one striker on top. I would start akinfenwa and in the second half bring in ronaldo for the super sub. That's only if you are comfortable playing with one striker.

  9. A+++ on another transaction. FROST1517 is friendly seller who delivers on time everytime.

  10. Great seller. Was patient and detailed in walking me to the process.

  11. DRIBBLING is unrealistic in this game. It needs to be nerfed.

  12. How about "International Super Star soccer/futbol/football" instead EA Sports FC, ha!

  13. If EA had their way it would be a stand alone UT title that you spend 2,000 quid a year on to be relevant.

  14. UT should be free to play, like Fortnite.

  15. Bought 1.5 mil yesterday. Super fast service. Zero problems on my end. Great communication and customer service.

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