1. I’m glad they have a pulse and aren’t frigid bitches

  2. I just crushed 3 supreme soft tacos…but still craving a Mexican pizza

  3. Ric Flair: To be the man. 9/10 a fascinating look into the world of professional wrestling

  4. That is interesting, like whole squished bagels or bagel bits?

  5. Underwear. I don't even know why they make underwear that's white, tbh.

  6. You can wash in hot and bleach without problems?

  7. Lately all my dreams have been absurd, usually at the end. I think I’m going crazy

  8. So much truth to this. There's also classic conundrum of having to use one nail to get another one out.

  9. A dilemma for sure but a small price to pay for being a toenail connoisseur

  10. To save them for later. When they get nice and hard I slide them in between my teeth and gums, sometimes multiple nails to one hole.

  11. Who needs toothpicks when you’ve got toenails?

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