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  1. You can also add red star Mario from Mario Galaxy. (Red and black outfit that makes you fly)

  2. Just use bottom shelf items on all three tracks. That way you can complete the cup and still be at the bottom of your ranked pool. ACP doesn’t care about grand stars

  3. Free Gold pipes seem cool until you realize they’re just full of apples with wheels and Pauline

  4. You’re in pretty deep already and you have enough rubies. I would keep going

  5. Been in a funk lately and a lot of loneliness. But in a week I’ll be returning to my lifeguarding job, and it should be fun to see my coworkers again

  6. Same issue here. The furthest I got was it loaded into the game. I was getting a star for some challenge and the game crashed.

  7. Exactly what happened to me. Came here to see what’s up

  8. A bunch of city and cooking related items with the new white fast frank being spotlight. Non spotlight Drivers looking like chef Mario, vacation peach, chef shy guy, bus driver waluigi, and baby Rosa detective. All driving their related/respective karts

  9. Not a bad concept, would love for yoshi desert to be remade. Also I like the bob-omb drivers special pipe.

  10. It looks like candlelight is a new regular high end. But I’m pretty sure the wonderful wings are a spotlight in week 2’s pipe. To fit cherub baby peach’s “Cupid” style set. Week 2 spotlights always show up in that section of a week 1 pipe pool

  11. Some of the questions he asks are bound start shit between fighters and make them annoyed, which sometimes ticks me off. But I can’t deny that he’s doing his job as a journalist and a effective one at that. He wouldn’t be as big as he is if he didn’t act like a prick in his interviews

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