1. Yea I’m amazed at some of the prices I see on here for transfer. My LGS only charges $10.

  2. I wish it was that cheap they charge a total of 30 used to know a place for 20 but they stopped. I am in Florida. I also forgot to mention most places want to charge per item despite each form having multiple slots on it... damn vultures. The worst is when they say "you know we sell the same things you are buying only you wouldn't have a transfer" Ok so this cz p09 paid I think 450 they had it on the shelf for 650...wow I will save a whole 30 dollars and spend 170 more great idea... I then found out they just watch this sub and buy everything to resell. I never went back...

  3. They just wanted to stop solvent traps you can still get form 1s approved with a minimal blue print and picture of raw materials. Blue print as in length diameter and bullet size the suppressor can accept

  4. Thank you I wasn't clear on that as per usual with the tyrannical agency

  5. The reliability issues is why I haven’t gotten a Saiga. Seems like the two standards of semi auto’s are Mossberg 930’s and Beneli M4’s

  6. My saiga12 has a self regulating gas plug with a magwell it runs anything reliably it's the 030 tactika version

  7. Handled both, PWS is way better quality/fit/finish. I also want to add the PWS is a long stroke the t91 is a short stroke (the short stroke is a rod tapping a flat spot on the bcg. The long stroke is attached to the bcg so imo much better function). I would say t91 as a budget option if you want a piston upper pws if you have the dolo to burn.

  8. Combat Veteran here from OFS 20-21, sadly this is true. I’ve resorted to alcohol and drugs, my friends have killed themselves. What you see in war is not “normal”. Most people don’t even realize something in their brain snaps/breaks for lack of better words until it’s too late. Until you’ve experienced this, you can never understand.. but I hope you don’t.

  9. I am sorry for anyone that fought in any war. PTSD is the loss of feeling safe that's the change I believe. You lose the ability to relax because inside your mind you have to be ready to survive at moments notice.

  10. Oh yeah tell me what I said that wasn't true

  11. Most of what you said was wrong, but since you deleted after getting ethered so hard it would be difficult to point to specifics at the moment.

  12. Street herion is mixed with fentanyl and if its not the addicts dont want it. I don't really care to argue with know it alls that know nothing. You even went as far to find my deleted comment and reply to it...I have a real life to live with other things to do than try to argue with people on the internet. You know what you are right. I'm wrong everything you say is always right. You win first place in the special Olympics hooray!

  13. Growing up, my friend was a hunter in a family of hunters. He grabbed several shotgun shells, and taped a rock to the primer end and then tossed the shell in the air repeatedly trying to get it to go off. Luckily, it did not go off.

  14. Shotgun shells are harmless without a tube unless you grabbed at the right time (or wrong time depending how you look at it).

  15. I promise it's very much legal you can make anything you want...you cannot deface a serial number but you can also buy one unfinished without.

  16. I don't think he got up after that...so scary real nightmare fuel.

  17. I agree get the lawyer and I would consider new friends if they gave you something without telling you....

  18. You have to have nerves of steel to cut a hornet in half mid flight hory herr

  19. Because it's filled with scorpions inside?

  20. So basically everything you said is British (aka wrong) you guys spell color with a U so really enough

  21. I misread your reply. I thought you were claiming it was right in UK english (the proper English) so I added those.

  22. The real problem is you are a nit picky asshole you took a simple statement and turned it into a ridiculous argument about nothing...really who gives a flying fuck?

  23. Really? How so? I own one and have shot 3 others, and they all seemed really sturdy to me.

  24. The one I handle and shot seemed like a cheap toy

  25. I gotcha. Well, for me, cz scorpion is the bar to meet/beat. so Im sure I'll be impressed with the ep9 build quality.

  26. Ruger charger, grand power stribog, anything not plastic is better. (The ep9 is better than it also)

  27. PROMAG = Please Remember Our Mags Are Garbage

  28. and a hardcase. I doubt its a pelican, but still, you always forget to budget a case, sling, mags, bipod, etc. into a gun build budget.

  29. Got mine at Sportsman's Guide for $90 shipped a few weeks ago - this is still an ok deal.

  30. Can this fit any muzzle device, i.e over a A2 birdcage or does it need a specific muzzle device to fit on?

  31. Surefire qd muzzle device. I think it's Griffin armament that makes the one that goes over normal a2 I might be very wrong on this

  32. Just take the lesson I have not once purchased directly from any place because it's always more.

  33. Bad thing they didn’t have anything to hit the window with besides their arm or foresrm don’t know how to bust open a window safely

  34. Yeah that's why most police carry glass breaking tools it's important for safety.

  35. I wish everyone wanted to learn it's not a skill you will use everyday but if things really went sideways it might come in handy 😉

  36. Bro those conversations are so funny. I caught one the other day that was just great and it really showcased the cognitive dissonance of being into guns and being a lefty. Like when all the prominent people who are interested in the same thing as you are offensive to you because they hold opossing views... maybe you should either drop the hobby or consider why you don't fit in.

  37. They have tacticool girlfriend a tranny that teaches them about guns...

  38. He's the same sheriff a report asked him why they shot the suspect 105 times that decided to shoot at them (something like that) he responded with "well you see we ran outta bullets"

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