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[OC] I have been working on this project for just about 1,000 hours. It’s a 3d map maker and it’s currently free to download! Check the comments for the link.

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[OC] I made this D&D tool for playing your games online. It's on Steam Early Access and it is Free to download and try out. Only the GM needs a full copy to host. Also, to celebrate 1 year on Steam we are doing a Giveaway [Mod Approved] in the comments! Check the end of the video to see the loot!

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  1. Thanks to this I downloaded the GM Engine. Pretty good, tried it for a few minutes I had left. Adding a hiding function would be great imo.

  2. Probably one of the next features I'll tackle.

  3. I'll try it out more after I sleep for tonight. It already is better than whatever roll20 does, still can't figure out how it works after 2 years

  4. We are actually beta testing a new way to move objects around that fixes this issue. Now when you click an object it will bring up a gizmo and you can grab any of the arrow nodes to drag it around the world. It feels much much better and after a few bugs are worked out it will be in an update very soon.

  5. When you have multiple DLC content available, but no undo button, it's pretty telling where your priorities lie.

  6. Still untrue, programming takes much longer then asset dumps. An entire catalog of 100 new items can be added to the game in 2 hours while features and functions can vary anywhere from dozens to hundreds.

  7. No. I know how programming works. I'll even take a photo of my qualifications if you like but that's too much effort right now.

  8. Thanks! Always happy to have another person join the club! Feel free to ask for help here or on our discord.

  9. Following since I’m in a similar situation, except I want to make the maps for my DM and I don’t know if we will need 2 versions then?

  10. You could potentially make the maps for your DM, you wouldn't have all the GM exclusive content but still doable.

  11. Thank you! Would it be possible to share the maps between the accounts so I can make the basic content and then our DM adds some extra features, for example? (Collaborative creations)

  12. The only way would be for you to send him the map file. There is no cloud saving yet.

  13. FOW is planned in the future just looking for the right system to put in place.

  14. I know this has been up for a few days but I'll answer this.

  15. I just released a new update about a week ago. Check it out!

  16. Thank you so much for the kind words! I have been hard at work on a recent update that I just released about a week ago and as a result wasn't checking Reddit at all. But still, thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy the engine.

  17. The game is now released on steam ! :)

  18. First time loading up can take a long time depending on your system. You might want to let it load for a while.

  19. Yep, hopefully we can get to other platforms in the future.

  20. Awesome, thank you! The sale ends on the 31st, hopefully that isn't too soon.

  21. No, there is only 1 DLC and it is the Game Master Edition. The free edition still lets you try out map making and it also lets you join sessions that are hosted by the GM who has the Game Master Edition.

  22. It's not necessary if you have a friend who is going to host for you. Or if you don't plan to host a campaign yourself.

  23. I am the developer of a tool called Game Master Engine and wanted to host this giveaway as a way to give back to the community here who has helped me tremendously. This tool is something I started working on almost two years ago. It’s in early access on Steam and the goal of the software is to provide a way for people to create 3D maps and play D&D online with their friends. It’s been a long process to get to this point and there is still a long way to go before it is finished.

  24. I just use what the stock on chitubox is, I think .05

  25. Awesome, I did .025 but that's probably overkill.

  26. Omg! This looks so cool! Too bad I can't participate, but I'll definitely check it on steam 💗💗💗

  27. Thanks! We will have another that is worldwide to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate.

  28. this is awsome and all(i played it and stuff) but don't you think 60 dollars is a little much just to be able to build online?, and get 3 extra sets of props?

  29. I understand, the GM edition isn't finished yet and we are still adding in new assets. This month we will be dropping a huge addition there.

  30. I am going to give this a try, I have some people interested in playing and the online multi may help. I have not dug into the builder yet but I assume I can just recreate DnD modules if I did not have any custom ideas of my own? Also can you view it from over the top and then 3rd person as well?

  31. You can do a top down view with the camera controls in the top left as well as 3rd person. 1st person might come later too.

  32. This looks amazing! Wishing you so much success with this omG!!!

  33. Hello everyone, If you can help keep this comment at the top for visibility that would be great!

  34. I love what I've seen on steam. The game looks user-friendly and relatively easy to create worlds. I just wanted to ask if it's more than a world-builder. Are there character sheets, dice rolling etc include, or will that have to be done separately.

  35. We are working on adding those features to it. Right now it has dice rolling and some basic characters stats like HP.

  36. Hello, I love the look of this project! I just have one question, are the maps capable of being exported?

  37. No, not in a way that could be used with another program.

  38. Yeah I looked at it yesterday, 50 dollars to actually move or do anything is kind of a turn off, sry

  39. Sorry for the confusion but that's not actually how it works. $50 unlocks unlimited map save files and the ability to host sessions for players to join. On top of that you get some DLC exclusives assets like the Underwater and the Orc pack.

  40. So I can play it right? Just not with other people, I can make icons move and what not? Also, what if I just move the map files out of the game to save them elsewhere, and then interchange them when needed?

  41. Yep, all of those are available and unrestricted. You can still play with other people too, you just can't host and be the Game Master/Dungeon Master.

  42. As someone who likes sculpting and animating my own models would there be an option to import my own models?

  43. This is something we are currently working on. There are multiple solutions to this problem we are looking at but we plan to add something in the future!

  44. Just download the free version for a test run and I'm hella impressed. Great work, keep it up!

  45. Thanks friend! I hope you continue to enjoy the updates coming.

  46. Currently set at $50 for the Game Master Edition. Everyone else can join for free.

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