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  1. Who said they can't make a better tank than Germany?

  2. Can somebody explain why our legs shake like that when we use them too much?

  3. As long as you are not in the USA (CDMA) or Japan, it will work. Even if you are it will still most likely work on a GSM network.

  4. Live cautiously, once you get rich, use the money to make sure you're safe, ez. The snail will never reach you.

  5. Thx bro for the reminder, I have to make sure the snail is still in the jar 👍🏻

  6. Alright who are the 11 people who don’t live in a country

  7. I'm not sure, the classical languages haven't changed significantly, or I haven't heard otherwise.

  8. at that point in time Denmark and England where like dogs to USA..

  9. It doesn’t. But other people think it does. The new age white supremacy movement in the US is peppered with Norse religious symbols and Viking references. I guess because the Vikings looted a lot and held slaves they thought it would be cool to subjugate the references for their own purposes.

  10. But why does that make you not like the symbol? It’s not our fault that it has been misused by them

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