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  1. I think the better question is; when fighting on Arrakis where shields couldn't be used, why not take full advantage of whatever the future equivalent of a mini gun would be and just start mowing sardaukar down.

  2. Because the environment was hard on equipment. And, as stated...

  3. And what will you do if child support is more than daycare?

  4. Years ago it was thought that only 2 genes controlled eye color. So the blue-eyed people only have blue eyed genes model was taught.

  5. Scholastic books were the brightest spot in my early childhood.

  6. For the simple reason that the particular challenge that Jamis issued was to the death. No other possible outcome than for one of them to die. Paul wasn't allowed to not kill him.

  7. Please let one of the schools being a non-Christian religious one. I want to hear them go nuts when, say, a Muslim private school gets the money.

  8. I really do think of this font as "Dune." Don't think I've seen it anywhere else. I thought it was designed for Dune.

  9. If i could i would take her but can't, already have one cat :/

  10. I've got 3. Never expected to have 3. But now couldn't do without any of them.

  11. It's odd that the owner of the trailer I'm renting from says I can only have one animal but yet she has 5 dogs in hers 🤣

  12. I hope this sacrifice will lead to both countries being free.

  13. See that's what I had thought, but I've seen discussions here that claimed spice was the only way and I knew that didn't sound right.

  14. Many people believe it has to be spice. It's stated that it's spice in that error filled wiki.

  15. Right, but would he have survived? He barely survived the Water because he had been living with the fremen for two years and was completely addicted to spice by then. A different poison may have killed him.

  16. I get the feeling that the Water of Life is more dangerous. Just my impression from:

  17. There are quite a few military aircraft in the skies.

  18. Worst shaking my house ever experience was when -- I don't know what you call them -- those plane/helicopter combos whose rotors tilt flew over.

  19. Didn't notice. They just repaved the roads here and everything was vibrating for days from that. Guess I reached the point of ignoring it.

  20. The point of the Holmes stories was that he did take a forensics approach when the police really hadn't.

  21. Because, as you said, Victorian England didn't have forensics. And they hanged people convicted of murder. In order to shoot Sir Henry, Stapleton would have to be there.

  22. Without looking back at the book at all, it is my recollection she did know what she was consuming and what it would do to Alia, but she didn’t really have a choice.

  23. Jessica didn't. She really didn't think that the Water of Life ceremony was the same thing as the Bene Gesserit ceremony. She thought the Fremen had been so influenced by the BG MP that they copied the BG terms without copying the BG essence.

  24. Yeah I seem to remember her being shocked when she took the water and realizing that she could change it? Like that she had been trained for this but didn’t know it essentially?

  25. Actually, I’ve been an extra many times for all the Chicago shows. It’s a great gig to have, I loved it. I did it from Season 1 of Chicago Fire up until last year when I had to stop due to health issues, but hopefully going back in the Spring.

  26. Be interested in seeing your reaction to God Emperor which is all about Leto II.

  27. Did you train your cat to do that? Or was your cat doing that and you trained your cat to only do it when your arm was covered?

  28. I'm so sorry. My condolences to you his friends, his compatriots and his family.

  29. As someone not in the UK I never give a shit about the royal family. Looking into their properties it blows my mind everyone isn’t calling to end the monarchy.

  30. Underage sex slave. At least one that he had sex with repeatedly.

  31. My friend was in a tank that got stuck in Lebanon. They were hit by dozens of SAGER ATGM before they managed to drive it out of the mud. I've seen photos of the tank when it returned to base. The whole tank was black on the outside, but then they washed it off.

  32. Did your friend tell you what it sounded like inside the tank?

  33. He said it was loud, like stones or some something was hitting it.

  34. That's quieter than I thought it would be. I thought it would be deafening.

  35. But he was always starving when he jumped and regularly puked. Maybe bc of the contents of his stomach disappearing?

  36. We were told what was left behind when he jumped and stomach contents weren't mentioned.

  37. Gravity is less. If we assume 1 g still refers to Earth's gravity at that point in time.

  38. Or just less dense, which would make sense considering all the sand

  39. I thought of that. But there's also plenty of water on Arrakis. It's just been encapsulated.

  40. The strangest thing about all this is that no one I know in the US was even thinking about Russia aside from "wow, that's kinda messed up" if they heard they assassinated someone or something like that. Now I don't know anyone who feels anything but hostile to Russia except people who are so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole they don't even know what's real anymore.

  41. I got banned from r_politics years ago when I said that it looked like the solution for Putin was for the US to assassinate him.

  42. Among miscalculations, their mistaken belief that they had, "four more years... four more years..." in which to operate unimpeded if not being aided and abbeted by the orange bufoon.

  43. Four more years and with the US pulled out of NATO.

  44. My girl gives me kisses too! It's truly an honor when it happens. She does a nose boop with me and my heart explodes and melts at the same time

  45. I just discovered a couple of weeks ago that one of mine (9 years old) knows the word "kisses."

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