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  1. If it was more PVE story focused co op, where missions etc were designed around working together then yeah I’d be well up for that.

  2. Definitely Caustic or Wraith, Caustic for obvious reasons. Wraith because it’s always a sweatlord wannabe youtuber and I hate her tiny hitbox.

  3. I believe you’re looking at it from a modern perspective without full understanding of how brutal the consequences would have been for Shimura after failing to end the Ghost. The Shogun would have made an example of Shimura, which could involve humiliation, torture or worse. It’s not just a question of maintaining his honour, but allowing him to die with honour rather than with humiliation. I personally feel Jin would have killed Shimura out of love and respect to save him from what would surely be a worse fate.

  4. I completely agree with this and that’s why I chose to kill Shimura, out of love and respect. So he’d die by the hands of someone he loved and not be tortured to death by the Shogun or be forced to commit seppuku for failing to defeat the ghost.

  5. This might be controversial, but I wish the p2020 was the “starter gun” like they have in war zone. That was honestly the only thing I really liked about that game, feels better dropping knowing you will have at least a fighting chance no matter what.

  6. I totally agree, I wish you dropped with it.

  7. I honestly don’t know why they don’t add in a death match mode. Players would be able to practice actual gunplay rather than looting for 10 mins and getting 1 min of actual gunplay practice. Feel like if apex had a DM mode the skills in the average player would rise a bunch

  8. Yeah control is great for warming up and practicing movement etc, I’ve no idea why they don’t keep it in and just keep adding maps etc. favourite mode in Apex, felt a bit more towards Titanfall 2.

  9. I totally agree, I only properly started last season and still haven’t put crazy amounts of time in.

  10. You solved it for me. lol. It’s because I didn’t have my sword out. I feel so bad after not knowing that’s why. I’ve always just blow darted, then try to perfect dodge to kill them. Never knew I had to pull my sword out lol

  11. Also another little tip, I’ve found that pressing the direction and the dodge at the same time is more consistent than if you’re already pressing a direction

  12. This is the ridiculous thing, there’s clearly enough average/slightly above average players so why don’t they match us all together?

  13. Maybe because the predator players play more and they need people to play with.

  14. There’s plenty of average players that play every day.

  15. Oni lords, they’re pretty much the only enemy I die to, I do die to other enemies but very rarely.

  16. I feel you. I’m a new player, been playing 3 weeks ish on PS5.

  17. The pilot definitely because Cayde would waffle on trying to be funny and get blasted into oblivion

  18. Yes! I’d love my old blast furnace back and the machine gun (forgot what it’s called)

  19. While arbalest is really good and helps with match game, I agree.

  20. I'd be curious to see what percentage of the player base uses blink. It should have been reworked into the void version of Icarus dash.

  21. Definitely agree with this, having a stretched hitbox is annoying and also your weapons don’t ready fast enough. If it worked more like icarus dash but a teleport I would actually use it in PVE and PVP

  22. Yep, there’s a reason mainly PVE and new players barely bother with PVP, it’s just awful to try and get into coming up against veteran PVPers that have been in there since the dawn of time

  23. As well as make it intrinsically have barrier/overload/unstoppable perhaps you could have a buff for each element you switch to like elemental capacitor.

  24. The Division 2’s loot sharing system. When you get a drop, you can drop it for your group members but it’s limited to the people who completed the activity with you

  25. This is a great shout, I think the Division 2 has some great systems in it now for a looter shooter. The targeted loot and optimisation system being a small part of it

  26. Either a ping system or a loadout system. Both would be insanely useful.

  27. Came here to say this, Destiny is lagging so far behind with basic QOL that has been in games for years, especially loadouts.

  28. Only the first one guaranteed to have deepsight per week, I've had zero luck buying them after the one weekly but it's RNG beyond the one

  29. To add to this, I’ve only ever got the first deepsight one per week, every one after that has never been a deepsight when bought.

  30. Great post! As a warlock main this is exactly what happens.

  31. The warlock gloves are basically 100% grenade uptime, the warlock boots let you use devour without using its aspect. They are incredible

  32. Also don’t forget that the boots give you overload rounds in ANY weapon while stood in the empowering rift.

  33. Just get rid of invading, it always has been and will always be unbalanced.

  34. Hey you actually have a coop mode now!

  35. I know! Can’t wait to dip in to it, so many games to play at the minute but I’ll definitely be back on Returnal

  36. At the very least I’d be happier if they did mods that worked “per slot”. So for example one for primary, one for energy/ heavy.

  37. Also an optimisation system, so basically you can grind to get materials and slowly increase your stats to max once you’ve rolled the right ones.

  38. For me an “Explorative” open world type mode where we can ride spirit steeds, (legends themed horse cosmetics would be ace!) attack camps/castles, find secrets and fight bosses for loot etc. Open world events that occur at timed intervals etc, hidden loot stashes/puzzles etc (Some puzzles could require all 4 players)

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