1. 4H Libra mars conjunct Saturn is fighting for the most debilitated title with my late degree 12H sun. Grew up in a pretty aggressive, manipulative, and exhausting household with adults who displayed dysfunctional family systems behaviors. I still have childhood journals where I tracked their attack >retreat >amend cycles.

  2. One of my friends has an angular Libra Mars and I so wish she would do remediation! That’s a tough one bb.

  3. Oh i’ll scroll through and read about your mars work. I do a little bit for saturn too and it is helpful because it’s the strongest planet in that house (exalted) and I’m a day chart so it’s my in sect malefic. Bringing attention to boundaries and setting them (physically/consciously) has been the gift of Saturn work.

  4. NTA babies are not build-a-bears. I’m frankly glad that they won’t adopt the child because they would do decades of trauma to it if this is their mindset.

  5. So your Gemini is Stellium (multiple planets) is in the 8th house which is harder energy to consciously attune to. On top of that, Mars rules your first house of self/how you come across to others, and it’s also in Gemini which means you bring a certain scorpio nature to your Gemini placements. And because the first house is the easiest house to embody, the nature of scorpio probably dominates the nature of Gemini.

  6. A lot of onlinenresources will blend significations of houses with signs, especially in the area of NN/SN. Signs do not have natural Houses so a lot of those resources can confuse and befuddle.

  7. Let’s talk about this a little. Mars (the planet of action, but also impulsiveness, competition, and being first) is in the sign of Gemini right now. Gemini is ruled by mercury, the planet of communication, technology, and speed. It’s important to remember that mars is also malefic, and is cutting and wounding at times too. It rules warriors, veterans, and first responders to name a few.

  8. The relationship between your Jupiter in Libra rising with 9H Gemini Venus square 12H Virgo mars stands out to me. Ruler of your rising, (Gemini venus) also rules Taurus which is in the 8th house. That’s fixed energy that would help you out a lot. You also don’t have any personal planets in fire.

  9. Cadent* houses are 3, 6, 9 and 12; 8th is succedent

  10. You’re right. I was more pointing out the unfortunate placements of the 8th and 12th and missed that error. I’ll fix.

  11. Okay this is why I think (personally) having whole sign house knowledge is so helpful:

  12. Thank you so much for going into this for me! I’ve been trying to understand my chart but all I see is Scorpio and I get kinda like damn and it scares me a lil. This helps validate me though so much so thank you again!

  13. Absolutely. For what it’s worth one of daughters has a scorpio rising and moon and everyone online always talks about how “scary” those placements are. In real life though, she had a traumatic birth, and early medical issues that had to deal with misdiagnosis. But she overcame those challenges and has learned to integrate some of the harder aspects of both of those placements. It always an unfolding process of growth that is determined by how much conscious will you put into it. So don’t get too hung up on partial interpretations from google!!

  14. Being a kid Camping versus camping with kids. I will not be explaining myself.

  15. Your Saturn and Jupiter are in mutual reception. Meaning Saturn is in a sign that Jupiter rules and Jupiter is in a sign that Saturn rules.

  16. I do when I’m tired and not feeling like typing out complete thoughts. 🙂

  17. Moon and Venus placement and house placements matter A TON when it comes to describing mom behavior. But I’ll throw in a little about myself as a mom in case it helps.

  18. So this is a feature of the Uranus opposition for almost everyone born between 1950 and 1990, because all of us born during this time have Chiron opposite Uranus in our charts. It’s a looong transit. But so for all of us born during those years, when we go through our Uranus opposition transit in our 40s, we all also simultaneously have Uranus transiting our Chiron. It’s always going to activate both for us because we all have that Chiron-Uranus opposition. This was true for folks with natal Uranus in Cancer (and Chiron in Capricorn), who went through their Uranus oppositions in the 90s. It’s true now. And it will be true for folks with Uranus in Capricorn, who are in their late 20s-early 30s now, when they hit their Uranus oppositions.

  19. Great post. My astrologer told me to look into my upcoming Uranus transit but TBH I’ve been avoiding it. Im in the last phase of pluto square pluto, in the middle of Neptune square Neptune, and Saturn square Venus. It just crossed my moon, Venus, and Chiron in Taurus and wreaked havoc on my life.

  20. It depends on so many factors that you have to consider. Here are a few:

  21. This is the basic tenet as others suggested. That said there is a fun book for those who have a mind for astrology that recently came out that gives dietary and activity recommendations based on traditional astrological correspondences. It’s called

  22. oh god one of the men i'm talking about was a gemini sun, mercury and venus with a leo rising... should i contact him again?????? lmao they were so full of themselves it made me cringe

  23. I mean there are certainly a million placements that can make that a good…or bad match. Impossible to know without a full chart.

  24. Wow... I feel like no one has ever explained better what goes inside my head and heart. I've tried to put it into words all my life and the fact that you managed to do it so beautifully is making me emotional! I feel so seen and understood... I know I might be getting too intense right now but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I feel like a door has opened, this means the world to me.

  25. Yeah declarations about sign and planet alone are never very accurate because they don’t consider the house each planet is in, nor the relationships between planets. For instance, your moon and sun are Sextile each other. Your sun is in mutual reception. And the ruler of your moon is also in mutual reception. Your moon’s ruler is also your in sect malefic, meaning that it’s playing for you and won’t harm you as much.

  26. YTA for not cutting ties with a bigoted family member over money. YTA for trying to extract money from a bully so your kids can get a private education instead of helping them find affordable public colleges that will still give them a great education. And YTA for blaming your son for your family’s violent homophobia.

  27. NTA. I find it highly suspicious that brother & SIL, who live 5 minutes away, "coincidentally" planned a trip to London at the same time. Brother & SIL probably heard about the plans, right?

  28. Hard agree here. And that’s what I’d say: I don’t want to spend two days at the spa. Can I come golf? No? Why not?

  29. Thank you so much for the detailed response! I really appreciate it 🥲 yeah..I’ve been told I have many difficult placements, unfortunately. But I’ll definitely try what you’ve suggested! I definitely struggle with believing in my capabilities. I’ve had imposter syndrome ever since I started school as a child 🫠 I’ve always been a creative person but stopped due to external messaging from authority figures growing up. I then had no idea what to pursue because I feel like the only thing I’m good at is creating. I know I can always learn new skills though.

  30. Thanks for the additional details. Your Jupiter is in your 6th natal house and it’s ruled by your Venus so focus on remedies for Jupiter and Venus! That will probably help tremendously.

  31. Thank you so much for all this amazing information! ☺️ I’ll definitely look into doing those things! I’ve already been doing some of them actually! And considering doing others, so it seems I’ve been on the correct path haha. I’ve always loved art & helping others in whichever way I can…even if that’s just offering kindness. I’ve also always been a spiritual individual so I’ve been starting to meditate & do a bit of journaling to externalize my emotions in a healthy way.

  32. Absolutely. I’m just paying it forward because I was similarly helped when I needed it. Just take your time through it! And if you have access to the CHANI app it’s really helpful to use that for their meditations and weekly astro details.

  33. That’s interesting. I just finished Austin Coppocks care and keeping of a birth chart series and he said explicitly that planets in Fall act both excessive AND deficient and need more active attention to be brought into balance.

  34. I agree that I wouldn’t lose my creativity but because I wouldn’t need to rely on it regularly to solve every day issues, it would be a skill that would weaken over time. Once we lose the need, the related adaptions also shift. But I’m sure that could be counteracted with great effort.

  35. I feel like this is a really pedantic tangent. You're right, taking a pill is not going to entirely remove ADHD...I really would be concerned about someone who thinks that. ADHD covers so much.

  36. For me, the medication doesn’t remove all the symptoms. It reduces the severity of the symptoms, for sure, and medication consistently protects me from slipping into severe depression—which has happened every time I’ve gone off it in adulthood.

  37. Someone please explain to me why someone would EVER want to live, “far out, in the country,” but also, “in a new build subdivision without trees.”?!?

  38. Saturn is "cold". And so night makes it colder. In the day sect chart, it is warmed up, so less cold, less 'malefic'.

  39. This is so great. My 3pm born youngest daughter is an Aquarius Saturn with sun, Jupiter, and mercury.

  40. I live in one of the humid places 100+ is rare but 90's with 50-70% humitidy is basically July and August. I LOVE rayon. It lets the breeze pass right through while being opaque and light enough to make more covering garments. Also you'd be surprised how wonderful worn in bed sheets work for loose clothing. I know people love linen and it can be great but it wrinkles like a bitch until it's really worn-in and it's too hot iron that shit.

  41. We just bought a big rayon flat sheet at the local thrift store! this is great.

  42. Linen has the best ability to dissipate heat from the body, of all the natural fabrics. There are synthetics you can research to do the same. Rockywoods Fabrics or Seattle Fabrics would have a selection.

  43. I just want you to know that I shared all of this with my mom too, who is a lifelong sewist.

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