1. It was like eating a cloud, they didn’t even have forks and knives. You ate it with that injera!!!!

  2. The injera has a slightly sour taste. I think it's fermented. And Ethiopian food is served on a communal platter. I'm still looking for a great place in DC since Meskerem closed.

  3. Ah. Well, I live in DC, which has a lot of Ethiopian restaurants.

  4. Whatever one's political ideology might be, if there's one the world has learned about Donald Trump for the 40 or so years he's been in newspapers, it's that he's the last person you should ever entrust with anything important. If you do work for him and don't somehow get paid in advance, he'll stiff you on the bill, guaranteed. He will demand loyalty from you and will show you absolutely none in return. This has been all out in the open for a long time, and anyone who ignored those innumerable lessons, well, they had it coming.

  5. Or as I like to say, Frog and the Scorpion, bitch!

  6. What is the definition of 'following' they're using here? Agreeing blindly with everything?

  7. Well, reading and introspection are not the hallmarks of the MAGA crowd.

  8. Look, bub, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

  9. He probably has a few rooms in his mansion for all the tchotchkes he's been given. Not to mention he's really reluctant to let signed items get out there.

  10. It also happened in 2014 when the Sharks blew a 3-0 series lead to the Kings.

  11. My boyfriend and I have learned to check the bobbles wherever we get them (in case there's damage), and that's how we discovered that one of them had dials that would not move. Luckily we were able to exchange it.

  12. That was a bad loss, but he’s had a trying year dealing with injuries, etc. The MO with Lavy is that he’s a good coach until he loses the locker room, which doesn’t seem like has happened. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back next year. Ovechkin’s opinion will absolutely weigh heavily on the direction of the org in regards to who is coaching beyond this year. If he likes Lavy, then I bet he’ll be behind the bench again in DC.

  13. Yeah, he has lost the locker room. Not to mention, he tends to last about three years before a team decides it's had enough of him.

  14. Laviolette won't need to be fired. His contract is up next month when the Caps finish the regular season. They can just let him walk away.

  15. Nah. Whiskers are the kitty equivalent of eyelashes or eyebrows, and just as humans shed hair, so do kitties. It'll grow back.

  16. My boyfriend and I visited Dallas in January of 2022 and hung out a bit in Deep Ellum. Has it really degraded in the past year or so? Given that a few of the places I went to and reviewed on Yelp have closed, I would assume so.

  17. If kindness to people destroys religion, then religion deserves to be destroyed.

  18. Thank you. I've just been a bit embarrassed to talk about it.

  19. You shouldn't be embarrassed. Therapists probably hear stuff a lot crazier than yours.

  20. Yeah, that's one of the things I have anxiety around. I like my therapist, but I'm afraid she may not understand.

  21. Try leaving on your bra and underwear when you get a massage.

  22. Seems that way, I've been always reporting ads as spam and blocking the accounts that post promoted posts, which used to work but doesn't seem to anymore.

  23. I hate seeing the ones for Jimmy Johns. Like, no, I'm never ever buying your shitty sandwiches

  24. So many possibilities but if I have to narrow it down to 1 choice it would be William Shatner's

  25. Aren't his "interpretations"/remakes supposed to be bad?

  26. For her album Strange Little Girls, Tori Amos just butchered "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

  27. My girlfriend is a healthcare attorney in Texas. She is NOT a doctor. But doctors are called her asking what they can do. How septic? How much blood loss? It’s scary.

  28. They should start calling members of the legislature and ask. Really just flood their switchboards, even with hypotheticals they could face.

  29. I have lobbied the Texas legislature. They don’t care.

  30. Yeah, I was just hoping people could make their lives miserable.

  31. I don’t know if the name or the road-kill themed nursery is worse.

  32. Oh, the nursery for sure. That's gonna give that poor kid nightmares.

  33. I don't think you're a buttface but at the same time I believe in second chances. That was a very hurtful thing for her to do and I can't imagine what it's like having cancer so I do empathize with you. That being said, if you were truly close as you said you were, then why not try and talk it out? She already did say she didn't think beforehand, and sometimes things seem funny in your head (humor has been defined as a benign violation) so in her head it seemed benign for whatever dumb reason.

  34. It sounds like OP gave her so-called friend plenty of "second chances" (note the reference to getting past "out of pocket" stuff the friend had done) before but couldn't get past this one.

  35. People post older pictures to social media all the time. My photo on my work accounts is several years old and does not take into account the fact that I now change my hair color every few weeks (and is also longer because getting a haircut, even post-COVID, is a challenge). You're not trying to date anyone, merely have a professional relationship, so your looks should be immaterial.

  36. I find it rich that the GOP claims to be concerned about how drag "degrades" women when what really degrades women are laws that prevent them from getting the health care they need.

  37. Honestly she did say she would help out with a plane ticket this time but my other issues are:

  38. Would a Zoom call with him work? Let your stepmother know that you can't get on a plane and travel right now for a multitude of reasons so if he wants to see you, he'll have to contact you on Zoom.

  39. Why make him a priority when he has made you an option? Tell your stepmother that you've given him plenty of chances to see you, and he never has.

  40. I can't give credit when it is one of them and the people that are forced birth typically vote for people that would say if you can't afford to have children then you shouldn't have had any children.

  41. "If you can't afford children, you shouldn't have them."

  42. But wouldn't 27D be an aisle seat and well behind the wing?

  43. Is it that much of a stretch to imagine Trump might not be particularly likely to impregnate anyone?

  44. Well, he does have five kids, including one in 2006.

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