1. 1 would probs increase more lag for a lot of players and 2 there are gamepasses for that. If they made something like 2 free what’s the point of buying the pass

  2. I can build all sorts of things, but I prefer things that are dirty, haunting, or grand. You can look at my profile for reference

  3. This could be a good idea but idk if they’d add those when it’s getting warmer around the globe

  4. I’ve been saying this it would be cool if we had a thermostat and you could set the temperature

  5. Idk if that’d have any use since.. yk. It’s a video game and you can’t feel the temperature

  6. you might want to look at this video for some inspiration for your mini-mart! pandalemontart is a really great builder imo

  7. I don’t see a problem with this? I prefer manually placing floors because you can copy the pattern you did, if you just automatically place sometimes the floor will glitch

  8. As somebody who plays most of the time on my phone placing those stupid dots takes forever. Swear to god I always mess up on the last one. And you can undo and move the position of you dot thing in automatic placement to adjust the pattern. You just keep making the floor and undoing til you get it right and it takes way less longer than doing it manually on mobile. And for frickin manual placement if you in the wrong direction the patterns gunna be messed up and then you have to start placing the same 10 dots again. This is fine for rooms with like four corners but god is this horrible for rooms that aren’t squares. Sorry for the paragraph I just really hate manual placement on mobile.

  9. I play on mobile aswell so- can’t agree with you on that. And yeah I get it it can get confusing when doing builds that aren’t square but. Just deal with it these devs don’t have time to listen to slander

  10. Omg I keep finding more and more things that I didn’t see when I checked the first time

  11. Tbh, does not look that hard to me. I wish I could help but on a trip unfortunately

  12. I’m pretty sure it’s the second color as that’s yellow. Perhaps try coloring both mid grey and see what happens?

  13. I actually don’t think the heart cakes and the strawberry cheesecake are limited in the ingredients catalog they have an ! Instead of a star like the other new foods and no I’m not talking about the foods that were in the last update I’m talking about the foods that are new new, the ones that came from this update

  14. An ! Means new while the star is a recurring event item. The ! Overrides the star sadly so cannot tell if it’s limited or not

  15. I just said I know the ! Means new and star is reoccurring but some of the new items from this update appear to have a star on them when they aren’t even reoccurring

  16. Idk why people are now getting mad all of a sudden it’s always been most upvotes

  17. Cave with obstacles to treasure chest (maybe a gift card with like a couple thousand dollars)

  18. I think the problem is most woman like to venture around the world and enjoy time with friends and rp, making small family homes for friends and what not. Meanwhile most of the men playing the game are just building because they like the features they’re given in build mode, I mean just look at most of the detailed speed builders! Mainly men!And also some guys are just there to troll people. So this could be the main explanation as to where the men are all at

  19. YES absolutely hate it! One problem out of them all that I hate is sometimes I will send something, but absolutely nobody will get the message in the chat or see the bubble above my head! And the only way to fix it is by rejoining, but I can’t do that when I’m hosting a rp in my server! It absolutely needs to be reverted to the old chat

  20. Basic shapes or the elegant pillars in game, you can resize those to whatever width/height you desire!

  21. Actually a lot of kids just hear about the worst shit from other kids in school who looked this up. Like I didn’t know who Mia Khalifa was when I was told her name, but I just knew she was some popular woman, I didn’t know her profession

  22. YES ABSOLUTELY idk why people on PC think it’s so hard and are always so impressed with our builds when all you have to do is just.. slide the screen? Zoom in? Move things with just your finger? It’s so easy but things are so complicated on PC. You have to memorize which buttons do which (still struggling on that) and I just think you could build a lot faster on mobile than on PC

  23. build faster on a tablet? good joke lil bro, y'all ipad kids don't even got no shortcuts

  24. Depends on what kind of bread you have, for me I have a sweet bread so I’d love to work my way from the crust, starting at three, work around to 1, and get the final sweet savory flavor of a sandwich with 2

  25. Just move the custom rug out of the way, place whatever furniture you need to put there, and then move the custom rug back

  26. I had the same problem in mobile. Idk how to fix it so I used a PC and you press B or N

  27. For mobile just click on the item from the item store first, but don’t drag it anywhere at all or else it’ll just buy it. You’ll see an arrow above it, just drag it up to your suggested height and then you can place down the elevator wherever you wish

  28. I think the plot in town idea is pretty cool! But I also think maybe real people should take a look at the restaurant the people are advertising, in order to be “verified” to place their restaurant or business there, that way it isn’t just some random house there, and maybe it could only be THAT SPECIFIC house/plot that is verified to put their business there, and when you bulldoze the plot you lose your business verification along with it!

  29. Highly doubt that you will since youd only be building the house but don’t associate it with any of the history of playboy. Also didn’t they rebrand or something?

  30. This is a lot to ask for and just makes the game unrealistic. And I can tell by the weird emojis you’ve used it seems like you only want these changes not to benefit others, but to benefit you and your wants. And they’d have to bring up the price on the game passes if any of these were to be true and it wouldn’t be likely since many people have already bought the game pass. Also a bit rude to call the developers and coeptus greedy for something YOU decided to buy. And it’s not like they show the money off instead they put the money to good use on the game and better updates

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