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  1. Strangers of Paradise. People memed on it a lot, but holy hell it's a fun game that I've been playing over for a long time now. After recent break, I'm catching up with the new DLC contents

  2. Cb500x and dr650. I'm 31. Havent met many riders under 50

  3. Totally depends on where you live, I suppose. I'm in Vietnam and there's a quite large adv scene here, most riders are under 40.

  4. As a ktm owner I have no right to comment on aesthetics, but Angry chicken.

  5. Honestly due to how they make the headlight shape and the beak, I like the front aesthetic of this and the Benelli trk 502 the most, looks like angry bird.

  6. Riding a thumper and sometimes my balls pressed against the tank without me knowing. Half an hour of riding later, I can't feel my balls anymore lol so I'd say sometimes I wonder if I forgot my balls

  7. Very dumb thought. Has anyone made any calculation that if using LB3 in P3 and 2 mins burst in p4 would make it?

  8. My group is doing that, and just made it to P5 tonight:

  9. That's pretty awesome. There's one thing I'm wondering

  10. Unless you're looking at cruisers, there's really nothing on the market shorter than a MT03. Possibly some used out of production bikes, but don't know any off the top of my head.

  11. The kawasaki z series has lower seat height than Mt03 though.

  12. need to add a magenta and cyan filter over your video for some New Retro Wave/Synthwave/Outrun vibes :D

  13. Those new retrowave playlist are actually my favorite playlist to cruise on a tour

  14. One day we'll be able to have a motogp anime... Man I freaking love motogp japan.

  15. I ride. I love riding motorcycle and it's my life joy, so I took mine out to ride around and enjoy the scenery. I also do weekend touring to places and camp.

  16. DDFM is a terrible teacher and Twist of the Wrist is outdated.

  17. I also want to recommend Bret Tkacs if you are dabbling into adventure riding as well. He's a serious adventure rider and has buttload of offroading technique under his belt that can help new riders.

  18. So, not an MMO, but there's a game called Superfuse releasing at the end of the month that's a super hero themed ARPG. Might be worth checking out potentially!

  19. HOLY SHIT! Thank you! I've been barely keeping up with game news and this discovery is super awesome. Gonna add the game to my wishlist. Gameplay looks super neat too. Miss me that Marvel Heroes.

  20. If you are uncertain, there's usually a service where you pay someone experience a small fee to come with you and inspect the bike you're going to buy (or you could ask someone experience in your local community, and give em a beer afterward). Given the mileage of the CB500x, 60k km isn't a problem if the owner follows frequent service interval and the bike is well looked after.

  21. My pa has a car and has been urging me to get a driving license for 2 years already... I'm currently owning an MT-03, Yamaha Mio Classico (easy city riding) and a Honda Future. I live in Vietnam so this lot is more than enough for me. Though I'm definitely going to sell the mt-03 and get ADV instead. Pillion on the MT-03 is doable but really not comfortable for my SO....

  22. Cb 500x, NC 750X, Triumph tiger 660 / 850 / 900, vstrom 650. It's easy to ride taller bikes once you get used to sliding off the seat a bit before getting your foot down.

  23. Hey thanks for the recommendation. Ive looked at taller bikes and I might practice handling them for easy use one day. Unfortunately, when riding i usually have pillion so handling tall bikes with pillion on it can be super hard or awkward.

  24. Comfort is different for everyone. Revzilla went touring/camping on the honda trail 125/90.

  25. Is there any mod I can do to make my naked bike a bit more comfy for long distance touring? The bike in question is Mt 03

  26. My wife is 5'5" and can flat foot her Ninja 400 with riding boots on. Don't think you are trying hard enough.

  27. Theres an almost 9cm difference between 5'5 and 5'2. That makes a lot of difference so i'd say op definitely tried his best.

  28. Those people would lose their shit ehen they visit SEA i guarantee you lol. People pillion dogs over here a lot.

  29. Question: Does your hand go numb any other times? Like when using your phone or holding an iPad?

  30. Phone not but yes with big tablets. Interesting. I guess it doesnt hurt to get checked out. Thanks.

  31. Have you had issues with carpal tunnel past or present? Gloves have a way of finding pressure points that have differing results. Try a different pair, you could have better results n

  32. I had carpal tunnel in the past due to bad hand position using the mouse on PC.

  33. Only reason the people are warm at all is the player fuming out of stress.

  34. Or the child that is about to be sent into the generator.

  35. Just btw, LAN stands for Local Area Network. It means all of the devices that are connected to the same router.

  36. The LAN only game can still be played over long distance with the use of VPN so its fine for them too.

  37. But we did it the first time ? So , what changed??

  38. What happened after that first time? Did you tell him you liked it? Being open and communicate directly is a skillset that all couple should practice as early as possible.

  39. PC. Experimental branch (Also happens on main branch as well)

  40. Holy shit really? The genmates playing instruments for him?

  41. I've just finished sunbreak up to TU2 and recently made a comeback to Iceborne after a year break. Holy hell It feels a lot better and fresher to play. So Yeah even this late, I still recommend it :)

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